Summer Wars 2020 - Battle III. - Flaming Rockstar vs. Overheated Daugtheru

Winner of Battle II. Round I.: Arturia Pendragon Alter

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Round I. - Battle I.
Round I. - Battle II.

The Servant with the hottest CE (in a sense) fights the one who can’t stand the summer heat at all

Oda Nobunaga (Berserker)

The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven steps up her Meme-ing with her Summer version. But don’t let her fool you. She’s not just about memes. What’s usually hidden in her OG form, she shows off in her hot bikini. Or you just might prefer her unique Buster-Shirt. Last year she made it to the Quarterfinals where she lost to the champion Nero. What will it be this year?

Frankenstein (Saber)

Changing her wedding dress for a cute bikini, Fran fights against the heat as much as she can. But not only her design changed, she manages to properly speak now. With that her cuteness-factor skyrockets. Sadly, she had it pretty rough last year, going against Maid Alter in the very first battle of the tournament. Does she have better chances this time?

  • OdaNobunagaBerserkerFinalIcon Oda Nobunaga (Berserker)
  • FrankensteinSaberStage2Icon Frankenstein (Saber)

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Thank you Nobbu for coming to my Chaldea, my vote is for you


I totally love Fran in her Summer attire. She probably became one of my favorites from Summer 2.

Buuuuut… I have to vote for Nobu here myself. I kinda prefer her character more overall.
Also it’s somewhat refreshing that her FA isn’t all about being sexy and cute and stuff. I think this badass style suits her just perfect.


I really wish this was a tough decision as I don’t hate the idea of fran making it to quarter- or even semi-finals but nobu is my favourite summer servant at the very least until she gets competition from melt next year, and even then I don’t see myself reconsidering it.
Keep rocking nobbu.


I’ve really come around to Saber Fran recently, she’s cute af although I think find the sexualisation of her a bit odd (sorry), she’s best daughteru, not an object of lust.

The fact that she’s up against Nobu just makes it a no brainer to me.


Nobu ignored me so obviously Fran, easy choice.

Besides Fran’s team was easily one of the best in the race. We need more Moriarty/Fran interactions in the story.

If Nobu decides to answer me then she’s cool again though


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that way. I’m not the biggest fan of her FA and prefer her second Ascension overall. The sky-blue bikini with that bikini skirt. It looks so good!
But I used her FA for the poll here, because I got the impression most people like that somewhat sexy FA of hers.


Yeah i think that’s a bit over the top for her and doesn’t really fit her character, personally my favorite is her 1st ascension followed by the 2nd one.

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I totally agree


I do like the bandaged look although the bow is a bit creepy, it’s like she is dressed like that as a gift and it’s dehumanising.

I sound a bit negative and I apologise for that, she’s still probably a top 5 Summer Servant imo.


I think fran’s bandage outfit would’ve annoyed me less if they hadn’t gone out of their way to make a big deal out of it during the blackbeard part of the race, don’t get me wrong though it’s still bad but consider that all in all it’s not that much more revealing than the other two ascensions.
Swear if that sucker blackbeard says “risqué” one more time I’ll lose my shit once and for all.


It’s only really risqué in that the butt crack is showing in the FA, overall she’s showing less skin than many other Summer Servants.

I originally had a different artwork to go with my post but was a bit concerned it gave a mixed signal with the content. Bikini =/= sex appeal necessarily.

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Granted, it would have been really hard to follow up on the blue bikini yellow jacket combo she’s rocking in the first ascension anyways.
I didn’t look at her final ascension ahead of time and tbh I’m more ticked off by the camera angle coupled with that pose in her FA.


This is the truth.


Agreed. Fran for the win!


Heh, I think it’s amusingly ironic that we’re discussing the objectification and dehumanization of Frankenstein’s Monster, but because of a bikini. I wonder how Mary Shelley would would react to our finding this circuitous path to her novel’s core concept?




i dont understand how she can be literal perfection as a character
like where has she been all my life


mentions badass art but doesnt show any

cracks knuckles
well its upon me and my folder with around 200+ pics to show some



This is the hard match up.

Fran is best summer daughter (Rhyme best daughter) so I go with her.