Summer Wars 2020 - Battle IX. - Battle of the Alters

Winner of Battle VII. Round I.: Nero Claudius

Winner of Battle VIII. Round I.: Jeanne d’Arc

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We are entering Finals Territory! The First Battle of the Quarter Finals - Jeanne d’Arc Alter aka Chuuni-Berserker versus Arturia Pendragon Alter aka Maid Alter

Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker)

It was a close call in the first round against the Desert Beauty Nitocris. But Jalter still managed to win, despite not even having an appearance in NA at that point. So how is it going to end this time around?

Arturia Pendragon Alter (Rider)

Also a very close battle against Summer Ishtar. But she still manage to come out victorious. This time she is up against her eternal rival (or whatever you wanna call these two).

  • Jeanne Alter Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker)
  • ArtoriaAlterRiderFinalIcon Arturia Pendragon Alter (Rider)

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Oh crap, this is going to be a heck of a match! I gotta go for the OG Alter, here. But what a contest!


Jalter earned her vote


Shinjuku Part 2. Let’s go!

Summer versions though…Normally, I’d go Salter pretty easily but Summer Jalter has actually been pretty great…The whole maid thing wore thin really fast for me


3 Things I wanna say:

  1. What the Hell! You guys are amazing! Nero ALMOST LOST to Mash!! It was only 1 % difference. That’s insane!

  2. In case you are wondering, why there are two battles at once now. We have to speed up things now. Initially I thought that between Summer 2 and Summer 3 there would be a one-week break. But as they just started the event after the other ended, I had to come up with something else. Reason being: I wanna be done with this Tournament the same time the Summer events end.
    That’s why I’m speeding up things during the Quarter Finals. The Semi-Finals won’t be simultaneously. But the Third-Place Play-Off and the Final will be simultaneously again. I counted the days, and it just works out that the winner will be announced one the 22nd.

  3. If you wanna have some extra fresh salt: I recommend you visit the Twitch-channel of Myst He’s doing a Waifu Tournament right now. It’s a nice stream I’d say


Really killing me here. Jalter was my first SSR and has always been one of my favorite characters. Salter’s going to have to miss my vote this time.

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Narrow it may be, a defeat is still a defeat. How could you all fail Mash like this?

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Before this event, I really wouldn’t have known. But jaltzerker has grown on me way more than malter ever did last event. So Jeanne for the win (and hopefully a Jeanne v Jeanne battle finale :smiley:)


As close as the battle against Mash was, I feel like the community has a better opinion of Nero. So I could see her in the Final again. But we shall see.

I wonder who Poketar is voting for :fgo_mordredthink:


If he doesn’t vote for Maid-Alter, I’m disappointed.
He, who rolled until he had her NP5.


Mash only got close due to her devotion and strong characterization. No other servant in FGO comes close to Nero on those fronts, so there will be no more true threats to the Empress’ crown.

Gonna be a fun last few rounds, though!


Well, I already said my piece on Salter’s design so it carrier over to here, not a fan on either personality or aesthetic. So Jalter is going to take it for me even though she isn’t one of my favorites either. I appreciate that this event gave her more to do and gave her more interests to her beyond her previous rotation of Anti-Jeanne, identity issues, and being Tsundere. I still feel she gets way too much screen time at the expense of other characters who badly need screen time but that is a problem with a cast list this big and her general popularity.

This is one hell of a match, of course i’ll go for Jalter though.

And for the next ones… I look forward to see how Nero vs Jarcher will go.

You’re underestimating BB’s popularity, or at least on JP she’s super popular not sure if it’s the same on NA. But between her, Nero and Jeanne it will make for some interesting rounds, that’s for sure.


I’m of the opinion that Jeanne (Alter) has always been more than “waifubait,” more than a pretty face, and even before she got further characterization beyond the Christmas + Da Vinci setup, always been an unusually well-written character as well all while keeping to her fundamental roots. Not going to get into it on that front, at least not right now (?), for various reasons though. She goes from neatly typifying what it means to be an Avenger to typifying the mad drive that propels all people seeking to not only be better than others but in particular better than their selves - no less with art! - and keep at it. All while being charmingly chuuni yet hardly just a Chuuni Joke (though she’s quite goofy, but comes with the territory).

Maid by comparison, is little more than a meme for me and without the continued characterization other joke or semi-joke characters like Nobbu and Okita-san have got (even her most recent appearance is just more of the same). I adore Artoria, certainly, but Saber the King of Knights is not Saber Alter the king fundamentally changed by the Holy Grail’s curse, and is decidedly not a (very, very very cute) Maid Joke.

Jeanne easily, especially, in particular, Jeanne Berserker Alter. One of the better Summer Servants and Alters as well in terms of emphasizing aspects that were there but not at the forefront, and for me the best characterized of the Summer units full stop. Massive props for just how easy she is to relate to in this event as well, that goes a long way.


So much gap moe contained within these two characters.
As much as I like (battle) maids as a purely fictional, aesthetic and removed-from-reality type of thing I’m gonna give this one to jalter despite realising that I never gave malter enough credit just recently.
Shame though, having these two clash in round two is a bit of a loss for goth culture.

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Alty for the win!

My nightmare is 2 of those 3 in a round together :frowning_face:

Also, this:





Damn this shouldve been the final match… This is too much for me


Now that i know Jalter zerk i can say that she is kinda cute but she still isn’t at the same level that my king have in my heart si i will always go for my king without thinking