Summer Wars 2020 - Battle V. - Forbidden Hot vs. ... Thot

Winner of Battle IV. Round I.: BB Summer

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Round I. - Battle IV.

Seasoned woman in a young body goes against the Queen of Thots! No, seriously… her original class is Rider for a reason. :fgo_coffee:

Helena Blavatsky (Archer)

Her bikini couldn’t be any skimpier, but this girl is rocking the thigh-highs. Cheerful and without any worries, she makes the most of Summer. Letting out the happiest giggle in all of Chaldea, Helena shoots every enemy down with her powerful NYARF canon! (not really, but one can still dream)

Queen Medb (Saber)

She is Hot! She is Celtic! And she “loves” warriors! This special queen makes her big swimsuit debut! She plays a part in the Summer Events for two years in a row now. And her NP during Summer are… Selfies. I can only wonder why she became a Saber. Anyways, no matter the class, she still knows how to show off her body.

  • HelenaArcherFinalIcon Helena Blavatsky (Archer)
  • Medb Queen Medb (Saber)

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Also, since it’s been asked and mentioned a few times by now:

This was last year’s tournament. And since there’s no event for Summer 1 Servants anymore, they haven’t been included this year. Same treatement for Summer 2 Servants next year, ofc.


That Helena’s FA… Change it :fgo_badciv:

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I can’t stand mebd, but Helena is absolutely amazing caster and has a fun characterization. Team Helena all the way!!!


ill vote anyone if i pulled them in the gacha
guess ill simp for the queen
(pls come home i havent pulled any summer servants)

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I won’t. Because it’s one of the hottest things in FGO, imo.

I’m ready to go to jail for that opinion. :fgo_ishtaridgaf:



For real tho, what was DW thinking?

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Just recently got Helena (Archer) to Bond 10…and then 1 10-roll for the new banner got me 2x copies so she’s NP3…I like her lore and attitude.

But screw her, Medb needs to win this. Medb is currently holding down the #5 spot for me for FGO waifus so she’s got my vote.


she may be a thot but her i like her character design.

I never thought id ever vote for Medb but here we are…

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Yeah not overly fond of Medb but I have huge issues with Helena’s design. Not a fan of her looking like a child and having one of the skimpiest outfits. Yes, I know she is actually old but she is not drawn as a women of modest proportions she is drawn as a child. At least they had the decency to actual make her act like an adult but my mind cannot get past her design which throws her in the nope get it away category if we ignore gameplay.

So Medb wins by default in that I am nor overly fond of her personality, though she has some stand out joke moments, but aesthetically i am fine with her design.


For now i’m going against Medb because she have more chances of winning and our granny need some love

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Gonna go with Helena (Archer). I totally understand the issues, say, kjk raises on their end and I’m not about to fault that; but to me she’s the same petite granny as before, albeit in swimwear and drawn in a way I’m not fond of on the whole. But do I like her? Yep, she’s Helena, a cute and nice friend. More than Summer Medb (not that I don’t actually like her too). So Helena it is.


I actually low key kinda like Medb. She’s a strong female character who knows what she wants and how to get it. She can use sex as a weapon (literally) and if if she can control you, that’s your problem not hers also not a fan of the term thot


Gotta vote for Medb, here. Mostly because I find Helena’s outfit a bit too lolicon. I don’t necessarily have a problem with people liking lolis, to each their own, but it squicks me out when children the same age as students I teach are being sexualized.

Yes, I realize she isn’t actually a child, but that isn’t really the point.

Plus, I really like assertive women who have sexual agency and aren’t constantly pretending to dislike sex. One of those aspects of Japanese culture I find annoying.





Absolutely agree, medb is very refreshing in that regard. Just like any other “quirk” the writers like to give servants, medbs attitude may be a bit overblown to the point where she almost becomes a bit of a trope, but she still feels more like an adult and more realistic than other servants.

I prefer medb to goddesses and queens who in their original lore had husbands and children (and that’s almost all of them), but in fgo get reduced to a bunch of blushing anime stereotypes whenever our protagonist enters the room.


Interesting. Can you give me examples of Servants with such voice lines in the game?

100% agree with everything you said there (as usual). Women who like sex are hoes (or slags as we call them here), but men who like sex are… just men?

I like Helena as a character but her design is just loli for people who want plausible deniability.

At least we don’t agree about Mushashi, she sucks not really

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I like nerf guns. I like card games. I like card games on motorcycles. I like super robot references that I don’t realize till I read Fgo wikia.

But who gave us Godzilla Cu, whom has given us joy, solo memes and helped many newbie masters pass part 1? Medb
Who gave us the funniest use of cheese? Medb
Who gave Mhx one of the funniest lines a summer servant has ever said? Medb
Who gave us the greatest reason for a servent being a rider? Medb
Who else can rock a white fur coat with such dazzling confidence? No one, but Medb

Medb has been there from the beginning giving us laughter, joy and teaching us to fornicate like real men, women, and whatever gender fluidity you have in between.

So for this battle I hail the queen of naughty dreams.