Summer Wars 2020 - Battle VI. - Gundam vs. Banana

Winner of Battle V. Round I.: Queen Medb

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The Anti-Saber Saber from another Star has come to bully the Banana-Oni from Rashomon in her Summer Attire!

Mysterious Heroine XX

You ever wished for a Mecha as a Servant? Well then look no further, because here she is! This Saber-face is somewhat unique in that she’s the one and only SR Foreigner so far. Still, the new class doesn’t stop her from killing all the Sabers far and wide (her NP deals 150 % Special Attack damage to Saber Class Enemies).

Ibaraki-douji (Lancer)

This blonde Oni gets rid of her traditional clothing and slips in a Bikini, Swimsuit or whatever the clothing in her last ascension is called. For reasons unknown she’s now a Lancer, meaning she’s not as fragile as her OG form anymore. Yay! But, at the end of the day, she’s still a sucker for food, especially sweets. This hasn’t changed.

  • MHXX Mysterious Heroine XX
  • Ibaraki Ibaraki-douji (Lancer)

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@Dangonzo @Zero-Ordered-1
I feel like this one’s for you.



Can’t believe I’m voting for Ibaraki



I like Ibaraki a lot actually as a character. I just like XX more… in every way. She’s also just so incredibly extra it is comical in just the way I like, while still having her serious sides. And, well, she’s X. And even if she’s not liked me enough to come home, I still adore her.

Also, Ibaraki unfortunately suffers in that I only like her first ascension, and… am not at all taken with her NP, unlike XX’s over-the-top absurdity. I like her basic cards plenty, alongside her voice lines… but guess what, I like XX more in both of those respects as well!

Sorry, Banana, it was a foregone conclusion.


Is a Gundam!!!

My vote is obvious, i vote for the Gundam that have space Rhongominiad because she is cool and i want her, but i also like banana, better luck next year banana

I’m obligated due to @Zero-Ordered-1 so I have to vote for X. Good thing I like X anyway :catflower:


You have summoned me, and so I have cast my vote.

Here, have some space cookies they are just regular cookies


Gonna go for the underdog again. Not for the sake of supporting the underdog, but I actually prefer Ibaraki here.
She’s always been one of my prefered Berserkers ever since I got her and she a great character overall. Her Interlude was kinda touching and I don’t think anything of that will change in her Summer form. I always kinda appreciated her as a companion and that actually counts more than waifu-points, in my book.

Towards MHXX I’m actually… indifferent. I can see she’s rather hot, her NP is nice (especially with her soundtrack), she’s a Saber-face alright… But nothing about her strikes me as like/love her.
Maybe this changes once I read the event story. :fgo_mashthink:

Anyway, Ibaraki it is:

Edit: Also I’m kind of a sucker for Ibaraki’s long blonde hair for some reason.


Feel like this is a one-way battle ngl :feh_nino:


Because it is :fgo_jaltersmug:


Remember to eat your 5-a-day. Bananas are pretty healthy.

On a side note, I believe that the small amount of plutonium inside a banana actually gives off more background radiation than you would receive standing outside of a nuclear reactor facility.

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I’d actually be inclined to disagree. For all the points going ‘against’ her courtesy of MHXX’s very existence that Fall described, Ibaraki is far from unpopular even outside of her memetic status. Who knows, maybe I’ll be proven wrong with the votes, I just know she’s plenty loved.


Wait, this means that the last 4 are Anne & Mary, Nero, Jeanne, and Altria. Anne & Mary are obviously going to be dead in the water, but that other one is going to be a pretty interesting fight.

Nero, Jeanne, Mash and Raikou.


Oh, I just realised that none of the other summer 1 servants are in this. Well, that kicks out Altria and Anne & Mary then.

Love to the space detective

watch Symphogear


I’m sorry banana, but without a mobile armor suit, a shit ton of pop reference, and s long line of likefaces, you just don’t have a fighting chance.

On the other hand, this tournament really does pick off the underdogs right on the preliminaries. Would make for an intense later rounds, but eh.

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I don’t know about bananas having plutonium. But they are known for having lots of potassium, which tends to mean a fair amount of the radioactive isotope. Pretty sure potassium chloride (salt for those who are allergic to sodium) is the most radioactive thing you can buy in the average store.

On topic :fgo_pout: enough with the round 1 matchups for characters we haven’t met! I really don’t know either beyond “seiba die!” and “give me sweets!” so I don’t know where to vote.


I mean… it is? The only new one left is Jeanne at this point.

I do judge how much I like Servants based on personality/story/etc so this is a tough match-up. At least BB and Jalter have the benefit of actually being BB and Jalter.

MHXX is a saberface so I’ll ride with that.