Summer Wars 2020 - Battle VI. - Gundam vs. Banana

MHXX! The Universe’s Best Cosmo Cop :milky_way: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Xcellent! :fgo_mhx:

Mecha Suit Compatible!


Beach Beauty on the side!


Bonus of XX at work!

The most awesome of the foreigners on my count (followed by Voyager). The the future version MHX becomes summer Xcellent with the awesomeness of her Space Mecha Suit. I (along with many others) have been saving magnifiXntly for XX’s release, and I will be supporting her interstellar debut the whole way this summer — it’s decided! All summoning resources are ready to fire! Those Saber and Threats to Humanity fellows will have to watch out for this new beauty in town! :love_you_gesture:

:fgo_mhx: :dizzy:


My vote goes to Gundam Samus hands down. Ahhhhh I can’t wait to roll for her!


How many copies are you shooting for buddy btw?

I want Medb too (and NP2 Jeanne from the first one) so I’m hoping to get NP2 quickly and leave it at that.

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Please tell me that covers the nose or something.


Gotta go with my quirky saber killer haha. Hope she comes home!

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First we gonna rock, then we gonna roll
Then we let it pop, go, let it go (what?)
X gon’ give it to ya (uh), she gon’ give it to ya
X gon’ give it to ya, she gon’ give it to ya

Sadly, unless I get lucky with Dantes the same way I did with Drake and Okita alter, my summer funds are dedicated to trying for Dantes. So my Chaldea is likely to be Gundam-free until next summer.


MHXX has the advantage of being an adult saberface while also breaking free from the ridiculously disproportionate large boobs. (Extreme proportions bother me like Raikou, Anne Bonny, and Orion’s) In terms of appearance, I’d say she is the superior adult Artoria. If her character is anything like MHX, I’ll probably enjoy her comedy too.

Sorry, Banana Oni, I know nothing about you besides your abandonment of the Demonic Front. -1 point as far as I’m concerned.


Look up and read Kintoki’s Interlude online.

It explains some things for that.


Hullo Wyan, and “Yes”.

As many copies as possible this year really. So all resources going into that. I’m hoping to NP5 her on next year’s re-run.

Hope the gacha works out In your favor this summer. Some pretty interesting servants this time around.


Not to forget her own Interlude. Gilgamesh’s description of her was kinda… I liked it a lot.
Like, the King of Heroes himself gave some thought to Ibaraki’s personality. I don’t know why, but I found this really awesome.
Not to forget her helping Tomoe rest in peace there.


Good luck.

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I’ve had this gif for a pretty long time. It’s one of the very few XX ones out there, but a great one nonetheless. :ok_hand:


Oh yeah, definitely Ibaraki’s as well.

But I liked the ending to Kintoki’s a lot when he gave her some candy as a way to apologize.

Plus poor Banana was stuck in Babylon all alone after the rest of the singularity collapsed :sob:


Well you see. When you have been traveling through deep space for an extended time at superluminal velocities sometimes you have ‘calls to nature’ to put it simply.

Or maybe you are right and it’s just oxygen supply. :fgo_megane:

(Free to the audience’s pick I suppose. :cat:)


Admittedly, that interlude won her some points from me. I’ll be retracting my deduction but that’s about it lol

It looks like there’s some sort of liquid gushing out too, or it could be just water splashing :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, this time’s a matter of voting who I dislike more…
And I am kinda surprised when I first found out Ibaraki is female. My first encounter with her was at the Onigashima raid and for so long I thought she’s a male demon lololol.

Omg this cruelty for me. I like bananas and I like Gundams. And only a few days/weeks ago did I have a dramatic reveal of who this Gundam was.

What if I choose one and then the other doesn’t come when I roll? What if the one I didn’t pick is too offended and doesn’t show up when I roll and the one I did pick is so confident now that they feel they can do better and not come at my roll.

This is the vote that can have tragic ramifications in the future.



People do get thirsty too you know. :smirk:

In either case it has its uses.


Without context, this title would lead to a very obvious conclusion. “Who would win? A giant mechanical death machine or some fruit you can buy at the supermarket?”