Summer Wars 2020 - Battle VII. - Emperor of Roses vs. Best Kouhai

Winner of Battle VI. Round I.: Mysterious Heroine XX

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Umu, Umu! Finally I am entering the stage again to show everyone the beauty of me and my Golden Theatre!

The previous Champion and glorious Emperor of Roses featuring Kantai Collection versus the very best Kouhai there will ever be in her extremely cute swimsuit!

Nero Claudius (Caster)

As the winner of last year’s tournament, she competes once again to defend her crown. Her first opponent shall be none other than every Master’s reliable Kouhai. But no matter her challenger, Nero shall stay proud, elegant and beautiful.

Mash Kyrielight

The one and only Servant every one has at their side. Your trustworthy Kouhai who joined you from Fuyuki to Babylonia and beyond. Her swimsuit might be simple, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. She’s definitely as cute as ever and her voice lines are getting more energetic during Summer.

  • NeroCasterFinalIcon Nero Claudius (Caster)
  • Mash Mash Kyrielight

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Foregone conclusion. Do we even need to run this race?


Ngl I haven’t chosen


Yeah… We all know whats gonna happen. Caster Umu’s gonna win.

But I never betray my starter pokemon.



Sadly this one is a foregone conclusion, nero will win. Voting for Mash personally bc when she is not doing protag worship or that other annoying trait they give her of repeating what we just heard bc the protag is so thick they don’t get it, I actually enjoy her character. Aesthetically I enjoy the simple but classy design of her swimsuit.

Nero is hard for me. When she is well written she is a great character. However, she is an inconsistently written character. Sometimes the writer has her acting essentially like a 12 year old with that kind of brattiness one typically attributes to being young. Other times she is insightful and funny. And then there is Septium which we do not speak of. Aesthetically her design does nothing for me because we have so many saber faces that none of their designs feels special or great. At least Salter while I am not a fan of her design at least does enough to differentiate her from the other saber faces. Where as nero is shorter OG saber with slightly more curves and more risque clothing.

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Can you blame her?

No, but I live for the day that protag visits the wizard of oz and gets a brain.

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If Part 2 wasn’t a thing, I probably would have voted for Nero as well.
But - at least to me it feels like that - Mash’s character has developed quite enough in a direction I like a lot. I really adore her at this point (even thinking about giving her Golden Fous).
I even use her as the starting Servant in every story battle by now, which is something I haven’t done since Okeanos or so.


Sorry second best Kouhai, Umu is clearly the winner here.


Umu Caster is a powerful force to be acknowledged.
However, Mashu’s simple swimsuit combined with the glasses shoot her kouhai power level off the charts. Also her quotes in combat with the Spiriton Dress on are really cute :fgo_dshy:


I started a week too late to get that…



Mash should be allowed to reach the second round by default, but you gotta work with what you got and you’re forcing my hand here so I’ll have to vote her out in round one.
Tough times.

Best Kouhai?


You heard me


Sorry Mash but next round is going to be your dead is you try, and i like Nero and she have a chance to defeat yeah in the next round so you can do it emperor of the roses!!!




Going to go with sweet, devoted Mash here. I know Nero is wildly popular, but I’m not really a fan of her due to her narcissism.


It’s what she deserves