Summer Wars 2020 - Battle VIII. - Mama vs. Dolphin

Winner of Battle VI. Round I.: Mysterious Heroine XX

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Mama has come to show you her amazing rack… Boy, that sounds so wrong… I’m sorry, I really don’t know how I should introduce Mama Raikou in a proper manner. Just look at her FA!
Anyway, as her opponent we have: Jeanne d’Archer! Free from her role as a Ruler, she truly enjoys Summer to the fullest!

Minamoto-no-Raikou (Lancer)

Let me try again.
Long Legs. Firm Ass. Big Boobs. And a face that says “Why you look at me with such lewd eyes?”
I’m truly sorry Raikou fans, I just can’t come up with a proper introduction for her. She’s just so over the top in so many ways! But we love her either way!

Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)

Jeanne is… indescribable. I’m seriously at a loss for words.

  • Raikou Minamoto-no-Raikou (Lancer)
  • Jeanne Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)

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First to arrive the bloody battlefield :feh_popcorrin:


Jeanne is infinitely cuter, but I low-key feel obligated to pick Raikou cause her Berserker form is growing on me…

:thinking: also if I ever get her I hope she doesn’t expect going past 2nd Ascension sprite


Sorry, Raikou, but your design is just too over-the-top. There is a time and place for hentai proportions, and FGO is not it.

But I’ll look you up later while browsing doujins.


Who do you expect me to vote for, as much as I love Mama?


Better @Busti out of anything :fgo_gudako:


Of course I will vote for my adorable wife :fgo_ereshlove:


I like Raikou but Jeanne grew on me early in the game and in that anime “Fate/ApocJeanne D’arc and some other losers”. :smiley:

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This one is easy! Super cute and super nice, Jeanne for the win!

Sorry Raikou, both your design and character are too unbalanced.

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Fix’t the fix’t

So nice of you all to remind me what their names were.

Always there to lend a helping hand. :fgo_alterasanta:

Let us never forget the tragically beautiful love story between



I like Jeanne. I don’t like Raikou. Easy choice, despite the fact that I’m not super excited by Jeanne’s final ascension sprite and the whole dolphin thing does nothing for me. Also that FA art looks kinda derivative.

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Fixed it for you. Added some personality too. Forgot to draw a moustache though.


Go Jeanne!

You D’Archer!


You gave it more personality than the writers did.

Seriously, the most disappointing aspect of Apoc for me was how they wasted Jeanne’s potential by relegating her to a mere love interest for Generic_Shounen_Protag01. She should have been the lead, not him.

In fact, if you just cut Sieg out of the story entirely, I’m pretty sure nothing of substance would change. That would leave Jeanne to do all the heroic fights without relying on ridiculous arse-pull powers.


Funny that she stuck in my mind as the protagonist, but we’re taking my joke and taking it offtopic so let’s leave it at go Jeanne ! :smiley:


Easiest choice ever, would’ve been much harder if we had another Minamoto instead of this one though.