Summer Wars 2020 - Battle XI. - Selfies vs. RoboCop

Winner of Battle IX. Round II.: Jeanne d’Arc Alter

Winner of Battle X. Round II.: BB Summer

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It’s the duel everyone has been waiting for since last year’s Summer Event. Medb (Saber) versus Mysterious Heroine XX

Queen Medb (Saber)

I actually can’t think of an introduction for anyone right now and just want to get these battles going already. My mind is still completely baffled from the Anniversary news and stuff. Might add something later on. You know these Servants anyway by now.

Mysterious Heroine XX

RoboCop but with Tits

  • Medb Queen Medb (Saber)
  • MHXX Mysterious Heroine XX

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General Information
  • Polls will last for 3 days and close automatically at 9 a.m. PST / 18 p.m. CET
  • Next Poll will start right after one ends
  • From here on out, there will always be two battles at the same time
  • Matchups have been chosen randomly with this site:
  • This is NOT a gameplay poll. Choose your vote based on tastes. If a Servant is better or worse in gameplay should not factor in and often doesn’t even make sense in these battles, since they are random.
  • Keep it faire and sporting!
  • Discuss, Argue, Share Opinions - BUT DON’T BE TOXIC!
  • Not everone likes the same things - Don’t get offended when someone talks about things they don’t like about your beloved Servants!
  • Spoiling for a fight will lead to a flag - Keep it friendly and respectful!
  • Sharing pictures of your supported Servant is appreciated and expected (because they’ll go right into my FGO folder). But please keep them SFW as always.
  • Don’t slap Pandas
  • Always keep in mind: Swimsuit Contest

Easiest vote in this competition.

MHXX all the way, babyyyy. I don’t see Medb winning this.



I actually like XX.

Space Cop OL Huge Dork let’s goooooooooooo.


Well this is a clear winner.



I feel you, but we still have to go through with this. Let’s see how many votes Medb gets.


Question, Can you actually see the results as the person who created the thread?

Just asking out of curiosity

And I promise I wont pester you lol

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That’s all I can see. I could close the poll whenever by hand and re-open it again until the 3 days are over… And trust me, there have been times when I really wanted to hit that button to see who’s in the lead… But that would be no fun.

No worries, you can ask me whatever.

Ok that’s cool.

I just wanted to know if you experienced the suspense with the rest of us.

Also I stole this from Leiciel and wanted to post before they even try.

MHXX Transform


Was always neutral to Medb and Space “Lartoria” is the best thing to come out of Servant Universe, so easy choice
@Zero-Ordered-1 awaiting destined match :fgo_bbgrin:


Mysterious Heroine XX!!! :fgo_mhx:

Best Cosmo Cop! :shield: :ok_hand:


I posted this ages ago. It has spread vastly since XX’s banner got closer and such. One of the best out there. :feh_bigbeauty:


Space Ranger Buzz— wait wrong character.
Space Power Ranger–no no, let’s try again.

Anti-Saber Entity but from space, with a hidden weaponized swimsuit!

There. Fixed. No offense to the Celtic queen. She’s a pretty face and has a mean streak, but to win against the face of the game is a tall order. It would have to be the face of another game to fight on even ground (cough Nero cough)

Also, her weapon is cooler :fgo_hokusaiwink:


Blessed Quote:

Summer 3 part 1 Spoiler Image


This is all I see.

MedB it is XD

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What a hard choice… :smiley: at this point MHXX seems like a joke taken too far but the only way I’d vote for Medb would be by throwing a wheel of cheese.

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MHXX it is here. yup yup


MHXX, now is your chance to rid the world of another saber. Readyyyy… GOOOOO!!!


tumblr_oqh0plcaj51u8n0vho2_500 (4)

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Hm I was a lot more keen on summer medb when she was up against helena last week.
Since then I’ve come to realise that I simply cannot put up with her facial expressions and now she’s facing off against the servant that I want to see win the whole tournament.
This choice is a easy as they come.


Normally, I’d want to take down the one who beat out my favorite summer servant, but this time I make an exception. As much as I want to avenge the banana oni, I could never vote for swimsuit Medb. Her second ascension is just so off putting and her personality in this event is even worse.


Robocop for sure

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