Summer Wars 2020 - Battle XII. - Emperor of Roses vs. Sexy Dolphin Onee-chan

Winner of Battle IX. Round II.: Jeanne d’Arc Alter

Winner of Battle X. Round II.: BB Summer

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This is what the Final could have looked like. But one of them has to go - NOW! Who will remain victorious and ascend to the next round?

Nero Claudius (Caster)

I actually can’t think of an introduction for anyone right now and just want to get these battles going already. My mind is still completely baffled from the Anniversary news and stuff. Might add something later on. You know these Servants anyway by now.

Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)

Dolphins with sex appeal

  • NeroCasterFinalIcon Nero Claudius (Caster)
  • Jeanne Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)

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  • Next Poll will start right after one ends
  • From here on out, there will always be two battles at the same time
  • Matchups have been chosen randomly with this site:
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  • Always keep in mind: Swimsuit Contest

This one is pretty close. Nero 2nd ascension has the best swimsuit, but Jeanne 1st ascension has the best hair, and in 2nd ascension she has glasses. I think that I like Nero’s voice lines a bit more. Also Jeanne’s 3rd ascension looks kind of weird, and I don’t like the sort of pastel pink whale in her NP.

Conclusion: Nero just wins out.

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Well…Jeanne it is

The most glorious Emperor of course - I am staying loyal till the end :fgo_umu:


Nero, I love ya, but Jeanne will forever be top in my heart. Dolphin Sis is getting my vote.


Tough choice, but out of the sisters, I prefer the tsundere one.

So Nero all the way, as long as she doesn’t try to sing.

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Nero would happily build you a harem, where you can be surrounded by beautiful men and women, of your preference. Jeanne would rather toss you into a tank of man-eating dolphins.

The choice is clear.


Or worse, man-raping dolphins.

Dolphins are dicks.

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Obligatory CastUmu art dump!


My words exactly. New blood…

tumblr_oqh0plcaj51u8n0vho2_500 (3)

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Nero already has the crown, how could I vote against her?



Tbh, I like Nero, but never really loved her as much as so many people seem to (I think she loves herself enough as is lol). Maybe it’s because IRL Nero was such a dick, maybe it’s that her flavour of arrogance just misses my preference ¯_(ツ)_/¯. What are your thoughts? On the other hand, the simple sweetness and caring of vanilla Jeanne plus some extra summer fun is hard to pass up


Have you played Fate/Extella? Because I find it hard to believe anyone with a heart could play through that game and not be charmed by Nero.


Not Fate/Extella, but I did play Fate/Extra. To clarify, I do like Nero a fair bit, I even used an sr ticket on her. But she loses credit with any “I’m the best” talk, or when they mention things like how she rigged the Olympics. Not to mention she’s (as far as I know) the OG and about the most similar looking Artoria clone (I don’t mind most saberfaces as they at least have more noticeable differences in hair etc)

In (actual, historical) Nero’s defense, he didn’t intentionally rig the games, he just forced them to be scheduled around his trip, entered them all, and won because nobody was willing to give the Emperor second place. Apparently, he legitimately thought he was competing, and was trying his best. Honestly, Nero’s biography gives me the impression of a lonely soul who just desperately wanted validation.

Also, while you may not like (Fate) Nero’s bragging, I think it’s important to emphasize that she never uses it to put other people down, but rather to motivate them. She believes she is the best, and therefore that she should make everyone else better. She sees herself as a role-model, and enjoys contests with worthy adversaries, because she believes all people are part of her (as Rome), and therefore she shares their greatness.

Plus, I mean, she’s just super fun to watch and steals every scene she’s in. Especially when you give her a foil like Tamamo.


I’m on Big Sister’s side. I’d like to see second sister face and pass big sister in final :fgo_jaltersmug: :fgo_jeannu: