Summer Wars 2020 - Battle XIV. - Mysterious Heroine XX vs. Jeanne d'Arc

Winner of Battle XI. Round II.: Mysterious Heroine XX

Winner of Battle XII. Round II.: Jeanne d’Arc

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From here on out every battle could have been the Final! For the second Semi-Final Battle we have the slayer of Foreigners and Saber-face from Outer Space, Mysterious Heroine XX versus the Dolphin Trainer Onee-chan that strikes multiple fetishes at once, Jeanne d’Arc.

Mysterious Heroine XX

Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)

  • MHXX Mysterious Heroine XX
  • Jeanne Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)

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Not gonna lie, it would be funny if one of these would be the Final:


Well sorry Jeanne but for this one I’m all for MHXX. She was really great for this event summer story !

Go MHXX !!


Now with defeat of Nero, only thing keeping me going is dream of BB vs XX Grand Final, so for now: Go MHXX! Do not lose! Your true rival awaits you ahead! :fgo_bbgrin:


Hard one here. On the one hand I am so tired of Artoria clones particularly aesthetically but XX is fun. On the other hand Jeanne’s 2nd ascension really does it for me but I am not the biggest Jeanne fan. I think Jeanne will get it only bc last night I got the side quest with her beating people into brainwashing and it was probably the funniest scene I have seen in this game for a long while.

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Go Gundam Proletarian Saber! Avenge the Emperor! The second best Artoria version by galactic measures will win!


XX is a charmer, but I gotta go with also dorky, doting, loving and caring elder sister I saved for in the first place.

This is where friends become enemies.


Hoping for a jeanne jalter finale so sorry x


After the Nero loss, no way I’m voting Jeanne this round. Gogo MHXX!


My thoughts exactly




I really didn’t care for either at first but after wrapping the event up, MHXX grew on me. All of her ascensions are great, her personality is fun, and she was just an all-around great character in this event. Jeanne, on the other hand, was much less involved than I thought she would be. I honestly only like her first ascension the second is alright, but I just can’t get behind the third. Besides I may be a little salty from accidental pulling her and Fionn when I was rolling for Banana-oni.


It was a tough choice. While I have been saving for MHXX for the past year, I have to admit Jeanne Archer hits all the cute points. She nails everything, even the weird but somehow cute 3rd Ascension look.

Nevertheless, I have to stay true to my saving goals. After all, while I have been saving for MHXX there was not a single ticket or quartz reserved for Jeanne, as powerful her weaponized cuteness might be. In the end, she cannot win against the power of mecha suits, weaponized ahoge and superior comedy value.

Go Go Heroine X Rangers! In Space! Lost Galaxy! insert other Power Rangers reference
Also now that I think about it that first part came out wrong

Here she is with a friendly reminder to stay hydrated!




That’s not being toxic

If it was toxic, it’d be like me saying “Nero fans are all stupid and horrible people who should all die, ■■■■ Nero and all her fans”

I’m just saying I’m glad she lost, nothing more


Voting for MHXX purely out of spite. Plus, she has adorable, big, blue eyes in her art.

So partially aesthetic and partially vindictive.


Meh, you gotta expect some level of hype backlash when talking about popular figures. There will always be people who hate just because others love. But that’s okay, our Empress is used to it, she understands.


Maybe I am crazy but I swear this bout is generating Way more buzz than the BB vs Jaltzer bout?

I am doubling down on my prediction earlier:

MHXX is the dark horse to win this whole tournament!!!


If MHXX does win this round, I can see her winning. I mean I love BB, but summer BB was kind of meh for me, but she is still very popular. If she faces off against Jaltzer though… I may have to spend a good amount of time contemplating my vote and I’m probably not the only one in that boat.