Summer Wars 2021 - Battle I. - Fireworks vs. Guns

Waifu-Enthusiasts and those who want to become one!
The time has come! Let’s open the curtains for gamepress’ Third Grand Summer Tournament!

This year we have 14 gorgeous beauties competing against each other to earn the title of “Most Popular Summer Servant of 2021”! (or whatever you wanna call it):

For the first time in the history of this tournament there is no Takeuchi-Servant in the very first matchup. Instead, we have…

Ibaraki-Douji (Lancer)

The Oni from Mt. Ooe and faithful retainer of Shuten-Douji.
But who cares about serious stuff like that, when it’s Summer! Summer Festivals, Cotton Candy, Fireworks!
Clad in a swimsuit, she received from non other than the devilish kouhai BB, she’s ready to enjoy summer to it’s fullest.
Last year, she suffered a defeat in the first round against one of the top candidats, MHXX. Does she have a better chance this time?

Osakabehime (Archer)

Youkai from the castle Himeji and a shut-in NEET by heart.
For some reason unknown to me (yet), this otaku found her way out of her room and is now having a blast playing with guns.
Even so, Okki proves that she knows how to properly dress up for summer. She’s a strong contender for most elegant swimsuit design. Or you just can’t help but fall in love with her derpy side as seen in her FA.

  • Ibaraki Ibaraki-Douji (Lancer)
  • Osakabehime Osakabehime (Archer)

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General Information
  • Polls will last for 2 days and close automatically at 9 a.m. PST / 18 p.m. CET

  • Next poll starts right after previous one ends

  • Matchups have been chosen randomly with this site: Wheel of Names

  • This is NOT a gameplay poll. Choose your vote based on tastes. If a Servant is better or worse in gameplay should not factor in and often doesn’t even make sense in these battles, since they are random.

  • Regarding the pictures/ascensions I use for showcasing the Servants: I try to pick the ones that I feel make them look best. Also, I only use the official artworks from the game.
    I try to be objective with those decisions, but I’m afraid personal bias is hardly avoidable. But that’s why you can and should share pictures to support them.

  • Keep it faire and sporting!
  • Discuss, Argue, Share Opinions - don’t be toxic!
  • Keep in mind: Not everone likes the same things - Don’t feel offended when someone talks about things they don’t like about your beloved Servants!
  • Spoiling for a fight will lead to a flag - Keep it friendly and respectful!
  • Sharing pictures of your supported Servant is appreciated and expected (because they’ll go right into my FGO folder). But please keep them SFW as always - don’t go further than the game itself goes.
  • Always keep in mind: Swimsuit Contest
  • We don’t need trolls here!

P.S.: Since it doesn’t give away too much: one of the contestant’s name for the next battle starts with “M”.


It’s simple
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Next question


I’ve wanted Hime archer since I first saw info for this event thanks to Clairvoyance EX. BananaLancer is underrated as a DPS, but Hime’s summer design is one of the best.


Voted Okkie since I’m not really a big fan of the oni (but Ibaraki is at least drawn by the wonderful Hidari)

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I shall cheer on the NEET-hime.

We have very similar energies, and I really like her a lot. I await her Assassin form spooking one day. She came home in 30 sq too, we really are similar.



Going off of personality alone, how can anyone not fall in love with osakabehime? I mean gah damn she’s flippin adorable.


Someone is a cheap date…



Shut-ins hate the outdoors, they take any and all excuses, trust me, I know.

Plus, we got AC and games at home.


Hey @Fall-Moon, not seen you for a while, thought you’d quit GP actually.

Tough choice, neither are particular favourites but Neet at least has her amusing facial expressions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


They hated him because he spoke the truth.


I’ll just say it cause no one else did yet but Ibaraki got my vote

I’ve been impressed by her ever since I got her


She’s kinda annoying sometimes ngl, way better than ibaraki though


Let’s goooo okkie! Become the winner and forever avoid your deadlines!

I love her assassin form and she loves me too (as one of only two np3 SSRs). How can I not cheer her on as she goes out, guns blazing?


Huuuum, I don’t really care about both of them but Okkie Summer was quite fun in her story part, way more endearing than during Halloween 3. So I guess she’ll get my vote. :fgo_judge:


I love Ibaraki’s 1st and 2nd designs, but all of Osakabehime’s designs are great. I also think her kit is more fun to play and the animations are fantastic. Especially, her NP, as it is by far one of my favorites. She was great during Halloween and even though I never got her assassin form, at least she came home as an archer.


I… I have no idea how I got here
I really like Neethimes third Ascension though.

Ibarabki has pretty awesome Tattoos but I think NEETHime wins cause I think she is hilarious


It’s Unanimous A! (Fake)

OsakArcher wins the entire tournament!


This one is both fun and interesting. I’ve got the OG versions of both. I don’t have the summer versions of either (not planning to pull on the first summer banner either here).

But I’ll give it to the gun girl. Maybe because I enjoyed that ggo anime a while back. Or maybe because I can’t get a non-welfare Shuten and I’m biased against the Oni right now! But more seriously, I just like Osakabehime more as a character and I like what they did with her as a summer servant. She did good work in Summer 3 as well.

Ibaraki is nice. But just not a personal favourite.


Well as far as overall artistic design goes Okkie wins, Ibaraki is just kind of a plain design, with the exception of the tattoos/markings those probably took a ton of effort which translate into the rest of her design kinda being plain. However, as soon as okkie speaks I want to club baby seals. Summer Okkie is less aggressively awful but still awful. Ibaraki at worst is meh but Okkie at worst, is pretty much just the worst. So voting for Ibaraki more out of a vote against okkie.


I can’t wait until the TVA prunes you.