Summer Wars 2021 - Battle III. - Let's have a Three... nevermind

Winner of Battle II. Round I.: Mysterious Alter Ego Λ

Previous Battles:

Round I. - Battle I.
Round I. - Battle II.

Was that another case of vocal minority in the comments? Can’t really say that, seeing how extremely close it was in the end. Meltryllis fought really hard for that victory it seems.
It was a great battle where both ladies deserved to win.
Farewell, XX. We’ll certainly miss you. … until next year fall, when you get another rate up.

Now, for the next battle:
A phantom thief, an ukiyo-e artist aka swordwoman aka fairy-to-be and a tuberculosis patient walk into a casino…

Carmilla (Rider)

The self-proclaimed phantom thief aka Mistress C, Carmilla, makes her swimsuit debut. And, oh boy, she does it so well.
Driving through town in her sports car, which also happens to be her Noble Phantasm, she looks as elegant as ever.
She has a mysterious aura surrounding her, which may or may not makes you fall for her.
This woman is as beautiful as she is dangerous. Beware of the dogs - those aren’t just cute little puppies.

Katsushika Hokusai (Saber)

The ukiyo-e artist, aspiring swordsmaster and fairy-to-be, Katsushika Hokusai, who is actually his daughter Oei, also called Oui.
Centering the story of this year’s Summer Event around her, she shows a different side of her than what we are used to from her original Foreigner-self.
The way she’s interacting with every character in the event and her relationship with Miyamoto Iori make you think of her as an old-school shounen manga protagonist. (or is it just me)
No matter what, she’s cool and funny. And the best thing: she graces everyones Chaldea (assuming you’re playing the event).

Okita J. Souji

She is finally here! Our Sakura Saber finally made her dream of a swimsuit alter come true!
The meme is dead! … and so is she.
Jokes aside: Cool, Bad-Ass or Cute - Okita J. Souji has it all!
She’s soaring through the sky with her jetpack regardless of her own safety, it seems.
What will be her roll in this event story? We have yet to find out.
But knowing Okita, it will be funny.

  • Carmilla Carmilla (Rider)
  • Hokusai Katsushika Hokusai (Saber)
  • Okita J. Souji Okita J. Souji

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Carmilla gang, it’ll be a brutal fight since she’s against the popular welfare but I have faith she can make it


hokusai saber has been underwhelming in the event anyway characterwise


Definitely Carmilla on this one

I like Okita too but Carmilla’s first and third asc designs here are :feh_arvisboneappetite:


Well, I’m not particularly enjoying carmilla and Hokusai as much as expected in the event. Hokusai especially since I love her foreigner form. Never listening and running around half cocked and boasting before backing it up isn’t working for me.

Carmilla does get points for the awesome first ascension dress… I don’t know, maybe it’s being called a little girl all the time and the unnecessary calling cards instead of just speaking. I know MC is supposed to perpetually underage for no drinking gags, but I’m not so feels weird.

I’m hoping summer Okita doesn’t let me down. And if she’s silly, we’ll I’m prepared for it after 4 years of GUDAGUDA stuff.


And I thought the last battle was a hard choice! I absolutely love Carmilla’s 1st and third ascensions but…

Jet pack…

Sorry going Okita this round!




I terms of design carmilla all the way. But I’m very neutral on her character and I find her in the event very annoying honestly. Hoku is completely meh in the event too. Okita I haven’t seen in the event so I can only judge her in her saber counter part and well… yes it’s no contest for me

Daishouri gang


Traitor to what?

The cause


Your cause of being PG fodder :fgo_gudako:

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The empir- I mean republic. Execute order 69!




Ummm, regardless I am sorry?

I will end your bloodline
She isn’t pg fodder :catcry:


Well according to YouTube other then plushie almost every other fgotuber agree with me on the pg fodder front

Rule 69 or order 69?



You don’t deserve her


No I really don’t. thanks anyways gacha

You are just going to repeatedly kill her why’d she not play hard to get for you when she did for me?