Summer Wars 2021 - Battle IV. - a Kouhai, a Queen and a Samurai

Winner of Battle III. Round I.: Carmilla

2nd Place of Battle III. Round I.: Okita J. Souji

Previous Battles:

Round I. - Battle I.
Round I. - Battle II.
Round I. - Battle III.

As for the next already last three-way fight, the first two SSRs make their appearance in this tournament, competing against the queen who makes every man (except a certain Lancer) fall for her!

BB Summer

Is it time for BB Channel? Oh yes it is!
The devilish kouhai from the moon who caused a little bit trouble during the previous summer event. The one who made us repeat summer over and over again.
A honorary Foreigner Servant who keeps her Moon Cancer class, simply because she’s BB.
Fused with the hawaiian deity Pele, she comes with a perfect tan. Like that, she proves that she’s rocking the gyaru-style like no one else ever could.
But if that’s not what you’re looking for, than maybe you prefer her third form - which comes with some nice tentacles. That’s when the fun truly begins, right, Se-n-pa-i.

Queen Medb (Saber)

The celtic queen who rules over men decided that it’s time for her to slip into a bikini and prove once again that she’s the most beautiful person to ever exist. At least that is what she truly believes.
Just like BB, but by far not on the same scale, she caused a bit of trouble during the previous summer event. From rigged contests to blocking our way to the convention.
But that’s just who she is. No matter what, Medb is a proud woman, stays true to herself and never lets herself get down. And if you need some cuteness - look at her arm in her first sprite. It’s so adorable!

Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker)

She’s here! She’s here! She’s here!
Miyamoto Musashi, ingenuous drifter that she is, ended up in this minute Singularity of Las Vegas at the same time as us.
Catching up fast on what’s going on, she became the tutor of Oei to help her become the greatest Swimsuit Swordsmaster in Las Vegas.
The always upbeat and cheerful Musashi is giving it her best to dress accordingly for the time and place: be it a competition swimsuit, a sexy bikini that just screams “Howdy!” or an elegant, japanese swimwear.
She is going into this tournament with a respectable fighting weight of… 2 kg (2 kg each… RIGHT!?)

  • BB BB Summer
  • Medb Queen Medb (Saber)
  • Musashi Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker)

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  • Regarding the pictures/ascensions I use for showcasing the Servants: I try to pick the ones that I feel make them look best. Also, I only use the official artworks from the game.
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Summer BB destroyed my bank account last year so I feel obligated to vote for her.


Easy BB vote here, I like her the most of these 3 and also liked her in Summer 3. Also had fun borrowing her for Avenger fights in Babylonia and Shinjuku while I was going through the story :fgo_bbgrin:

I like Musashi but not as much as BB, and Medb… don’t like her at all :catroll:


Go BB!!!



She felt pity on me after my skadi failure and came in 2 tickets and has since provided endless lol-nope to rng ever since.

Musashi, I like her saber form alright, but still don’t know what’s up with her Iori act…

And this is only a two-way battle as far as I’m concerned


musashi good


I like all 3 of them but I got BB with 1 ticket (last year was a total fiasco tho) soooo I have to vote for her :fgo_bbsmile:


I like all three options, but I voted for Musashi because I like her personality the most. :smiley:


This would be a tough choice between BB and Mebd, but Mebd was kinda just…really unimpressive last summer. Put into comparison it becomes a not so tough choice.

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Tough decision.


Ya know I really liked bb in her event but I feel like it would be wrong to not vote for musashi soo yea. Medb is screwed tho there’s no way she’s winning this tho I would laugh if she did


BB is great and all, but…

C’mon, it’s Musashi. If she doesn’t win, she’ll just use her Heavenly Eyes to erase this timeline, anyway.


I believe in Medb supremacy.

But I doubt she is going to win tbh, besides me, Flower and some select others most people aren’t exactly big fans of her.


Hey guys could we make it BB second place musashi first place so carmilla and musashi don’t have to fight?

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Pettiness aside, you say that as if anyone can see the current standings.


If we make Musashi last place she doesn’t have to fight Carmilla, Medb will. Problem solved.


No need to think about it too hard or do anything for that matter, and just let your lovely kouhai take care of everything for you.

art sources

Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, BB(Fate) / B.B - pixiv
BB(Fate), Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order / 惨めですね~♡ - pixiv
Fate/Grand Order, BB(Fate), girl / bb - pixiv


Well here’s a solid showdown. And no one in a terribly bad spot either.

I’ll probably go with BB here. She is a terrifying force, but she is also entertaining in her own way. Since I did manage to summon her, best appease BB and vote for her.

Medb is great in her own way and nothing against Musashi though.


From design standpoint BB and Medb are the stand outs here. BB has a wide variety of interesting looks that all look great, Medb’s just scream Medb which is good. Musashi’s aren’t particularly interestingly designed, and don’t really fit her character overall. Which is just Musashi in this event all together. I give BB and Medb the win in this category.

From personality standpoint, BB wins. While I am not fond of her personality in general her motivations all make sense within her character, is well written, and stands out in her event. Medb while the logic is consistent with her character she is oddly restrained in the last event compared to how she usually is. It feels like she was an after thought rather than having her go full tilt which for her character who is always full tilt all the time it felt out of place. Musashi I don’t even know what is going on with her in this event, her logic doesn’t make sense internally within her character, despite being in a lot of scenes I can’t really remember anything about her motivation and how she is acting on it, and there is no reason for the whole Iori plotline, its going nowhere. It feels like someone wanted her in a swimsuit, and she does look good in one, but forgot to actually give her a point as if her being in the event is enough. It like she is Nezha in the last two singularities, she is there but if ask me what she did I couldn’t tell you.

Since BB won two categories BB it is.


No contest. I’m not voting for anybody with a rapemobile for a Noble Phantasm and while BB helped us out, finally, at the end of SE.RA.PH., she’s caused almost as much trouble as Kiara since then.

Musashi has been nothing but a bro the entire time we’ve known her. My vote couldn’t go anywhere else this round.

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