Summer Wars 2021 - Battle V. - Chuuni vs. Tengu

Winner of Battle IV. Round I.: BB

2nd Place of Battle IV. Round I.: Miyamoto Musashi

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Round I. - Battle IV.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even prepare for the chance that Medb could make it into the next round. I, for myself, really love her, but I gotta be realistic here. She was doomed from the beginning.

We’ve reached the Final Battles of Round I.!
For the first matchup we have the chuuni-doujin-artist and founder of Gespenst Ketzer - Jeanne d’Arc Alter.
Going against the playful tengu from the mountains in her sporty summer outfit - Ushiwakamaru.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker)

The main heroine from the previous summer event and winner of last year’s tournament.
She spent most of her vacation drawing doujins and trying to best… herself.
She may not have several costumes like all the other Summer Swimsuit Servants, but she doesn’t need more. Because she looks hot enough in her bikini anyway.
As a Berserker, her dere-side shows through quite a bit more often than her tsun-side, unlike with her original Avenger-self. But don’t you ever tell her that - otherwise she Völkermord Feuerdrache’s you to a crisp.

Ushiwakamaru (Assassin)

The very playful tengu girl from the mountains of Kurama makes her appearance in this tournament. And just like last year… she’s going against a strong opponent.
But knowing her, she won’t let that get her down.
If you want to give someone headpats, she’s the one you are looking for. A loyal and trustworthy Servant who’s ready to play fetch at all times. Actually, it’s expected of you to play fetch with her.
She’s enjoying summer in a very sporty attire, that accentuates her well-trained body.

  • Jeanne Alter Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker)
  • Ushiwakamaru Ushiwakamaru (Assassin)

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Ushiwakamaru nation assemble


Not particularly fond towards either, so jalter will take it for being so fun in summer 3.


Gonna support ushi this time, jalter is the likely winner though



If alty wins here and Jeanne wins the other, we can finally have a sister battle! Go alty go!


“Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!” -The Jeannes, probably


Ushi was so humourless and po faced during Summer 3 while Jalter was the complete opposite.

No contest.



This match up is not remotely fair. Jalter was the star of Summer 3 while Ushi was just there and, maybe, to serve as rival to Medb.

Beyond being the joke event it was, Summer 3 was an excellent continuation to Jalter’s ongoing story arc. She has always struggled with her identity issues, hoping to differentiate herself from the OG Jeanne, which further fuels her resentment and feelings of inferiority. Didn’t think she’d find the answer in writing doujin, but her maturation as a character throughout the loops could be seen. At some point, she even grew past her own one-sided feelings, allowing Jeanne to help out even, eventually culminating in her final work… The story about the Princess and the Monster that started the entire damn event in the first place (which may as well have been a poorly veiled reference to her relationship with OG Jeanne).

It’s such a well conceived character arc, looking back on it. One really must wonder if BB planned the event for her sake as well, on top of her other goals. It really does sound like the sort of utterly convoluted and bothersome plan she would come up with to help someone.


Oh boy…I can’t see Ushiwakaru having a chance here. Jalter was an absolute star last event and even got a cute appearance in this latest one. It was the perfect continuation of her arc throughout FGO. Plus she really does look great in that swimsuit.

I do like Ushiwakamaru. She was such a star in Babylonia. Her role in summer 3 was fine. A decent supporting figure. Really only stood out when having her rivalry with Medb. Which admittedly was hilarious. But she was only ok for the rest of the time.

I gotta go with Jalter here.


Yeah, no contest here Jalter all the way.


RIP Ushi


I’ll go down fighting for what I believe in


Ushi is cute and worth fighting for.


There’s no way i can choose between them, i have them both grailed and i love them both equally.

And besides, i already know Jalter will win with or without my vote. She was clearly one of the most popular servant of Summer 3 and for good reasons.


Jalterzerker was my first NP5 welfare, and she carried me hard through the early game. As one of my first Bond 10 servants, and first to be Grailed, she easily gets my vote.

Congrats, Jalter, hope she wins it all!


Another easy vote for a Jeanne :fgo_jaltersmug:

Summer Jalter’s been pretty fun to use in the recent summer events, and her design is great


Designwise neither really impress me, Jalter is ridiculous and Ushi is plain. That being said, Jalter’s insanity costume fits her more, it does scream Jalter for better or worse, where I can see any number of servants using Ushi’s costume.

On the personality front, I am sick of Jalter. Out side of Da vinci, mash and holmes she is the servant we see the most and I am tired of her. Her arc is done, let some other servant get some attention. She is the living conundrum of is she popular bc we see her so often or is she seen so often bc she is popular. Willing to bet there are like 20 or so servants that if we saw as much as her and got as much development as her would be as popular if not more popular than her. Her summer version doesn’t really do much for development despite how long summer 3 is, because she really already completed her development as a character a while back and hasn’t had any more growth. Ushi is Ushi, her personality really didn’t change that much with summer so she is still bro for life. So point Ushi

Since its a tie going with the servant I like more so Ushi gets it.

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I love her but girl stands no chance, why’d we even do the round? This was just mean.