Summer Wars 2021 - Battle VI. - Lion King vs. Dolphin Saint

Winner of Battle IV. Round I.: BB

2nd Place of Battle IV. Round I.: Miyamoto Musashi

Previous Battles:

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Round I. - Battle IV.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even prepare for the chance that Medb could make it into the next round. I, for myself, really love her, but I gotta be realistic here. She was doomed from the beginning.

We’ve reached the Final Battles of Round I.!
For the second matchup we have one of the newcomers with the Ruler Swimsuit Servant Arturia Pendragon.
Her opponent is none other than the Saint of Orleans on vacation, who’s very enthusiastic about her dolphins and her role as our onee-chan - Jeanne d’Arc.

Arturia Pendragon (Ruler)

The head of the biggest casino of the minute Singularity Las Vegas, Casino Camelot and one of the swimsuit swordsmasters.
She takes her role as the leader of the casino very serious and dresses accordingly… as a bunny girl. No complaints here.
Besides her getup as a bunny-dealer, she knows how to relax during summer in a mature way, dressed in a white swimsuit, lying on a lounger while cruising on her yacht.
The Lion King (not the same as in Singularity 6) truly shows how wealthy she is. She must have earned a lot through gach- I mean gambling.

Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)

Swimsuits, dolphins, glasses, big sisters, the blue sky, emerald sea and lots of friends.
Whatever you wish for, Jeanne d’Arc has it ready just for you - her little sibling.
Last year she managed to defeat Nero, who as the champion at that time, but ultimately lost in a very close match against MHXX. Right before she could meet her little sister in the Grand Final.
Will this be the year for her to compete against her other self to see who truly is the best (read: most popular) Jeanne?
Once again, she’s going into this contest with a variety of swimsuits - from simple black bikini, over skin-tight competition swimsuit (and dolphins) to a very interesting looking swimming dress with a holy ray.
But no matter what she’s wearing - she’s having a lot of fun during summer and even makes a comeback in this year’s event it seems (I’m not there yet).

  • Arturia Arturia Pendragon (Ruler)
  • Jeanne Jeanne d’Arc (Archer)

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While I’m at it

Jarcher nation also assemble


Idk how to pick this one

  1. Jarcher
  2. Bunnytoria

@discobot roll 1d2

:game_die: 2


Thanks disco

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Jarcher nation, no way I’d pick rulertoria over a servant I’m gonna grail



I’ve never really seen the appeal of the lion king form of Artoria, but I absolutely love onee-san Jeanne, so Jeanne for the win! :fgo_jeannecheer:


I don’t get it either. I understand that objectification is part of deal with FGO but Bunnygirl Senpai is just too much for me.

Jeanne all day long! :fgo_jeannecheer:


Well I never really cared about the aloof og lion king either, so putting her in a bunny suit really doesn’t help me like her


Personally the bunny suit isn’t a factor for me aside from the skin. I quite like the regal demeanor and I’ve always liked Shishiou’s eyes. I was a little disappointed when I rolled LArtoria since she doesn’t have the same eyes.


Let there be no doubt on what I have chosen!

Plus the blush in her summon when she mentioned if I noticed that she was specially wearing a bunny outfit. Marvelous~


Big sister said we must vote for her. Must vote for big sister.


This will be another interesting showdown. Should be enough time to get the next casino unlocked and to see a bit more from Artoria before the results are in. I’ll probably wait for that just so I’ve got a good feel for which way I’m going.

Jeanne has huge momentum behind her. She was great last year and honestly was only better this time around. Her big sister powers are nearly unstoppable. She’s lovely, awesome, and a bit crazy. And I’ve mostly let the whole beating Nero thing go.

Artoria had a strong presence at the start of this event. Very cool but dangerous at the same time. The bunny suit is pretty excellent as well. No matter how they convinced her to wear it, I love the end result.

Both have ascensions I don’t necessarily care for while also having ones I really like. I’ve got Jeanne and would love to send her to potentially face Jalter, but we’ll see.


Jaltzerker made it crystal clear that voting for Jarcher was disallowed if I wanted to keep my skin at room temperature.

One more reason to vote for BunnyLion Senpai.


I’d like to vote for the one I actually have, which would be Altria. But the revelation of Swimsuit Jeanne’s patent insanity in the current event gives me pause.

It’s close, but I’ll give this one to Jeanne.


In most other matches, I would have picked Artoria. But this is Jeanne-neechan we’re talking about here.


Jeanne has always been good to me. Her Ruler was my first GSSR and second SSR ever. This summer she came to me while rolling for Ushi.

Time to repay her!

Plus her 3rd ascension is underrated!


Easy one, i like Jeanne way more and she was always kind enough to answer my summons no matter her class.

Bunny Artoria can stay on her yacht drinking cocktails for all i care.