Summer Wars 2021 - Battle VII. - Princess vs. Celebrity

Winner of Battle V. Round I.: Jeanne d’Arc Alter

Winner of Battle VI. Round I.: Jeanne d’Arc

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So it happened! The final battle of the quarter-finals will be a sister battle!
Also, F for Ushi. That was brutal.

First Battle of the Quarter-Finals!
We have the princess from castle himeji against the charismatic figure skater in a leviathan parker. A battle of Swimsuit Swordmasters!

Osakabehime (Archer)

She beat Ibaraki in the first round and now she’s up against another newcomer and swimsuit swordmaster from this year’s event.
Will she still be able to say “Poggers” at the end of this battle or is this the end for her for this year?
One of the swimsuit swordmasters and a NEET by heart.

Mysterious Alter Ego Λ

In her first battle, she managed to defeat one of the top contenders for the win by just one or two votes (I didn’t do the maths, but 52 %? Couldn’t have been that many more votes).
As of now, most players should have gotten more acquainted to her summer version and maybe started liking her more (or less - I won’t judge).
The ballerina with a slim figure and a leviathan parker (supposedly).

  • Osakabehime Osakabehime (Archer)
  • Meltryllis Mysterious Alter Ego Λ

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  • Regarding the pictures/ascensions I use for showcasing the Servants: I try to pick the ones that I feel make them look best. Also, I only use the official artworks from the game.
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I like both of them but I’m going to have to go for the figure skating queen here :fgo_meltbirb:


Absolutely giving the vote to Lambda here. She only got better as the event went on. Stylish, cute, and totally entertaining.

Sorry Osakabehime, but got to go with the star this time!


pengu supremacy


Going for Lambda here. No contest.

I like Osakabehime but she’s a bit of a one-note character. In contrast, Melt exudes self-confidence. She demands to be the center of attention wherever she goes and succeeds at it. Thinking about it, she’s a bit like Medb in that sense, though she’s a bit more elegant and also cutthroat in going about it.


The more I see of melt this event, the more I wonder how she can be so popular. I can’t stand world-revolves-around-me people irl and 2D versions aren’t better.

But I’m loving Okkie more and more. She’s got great facial expressions, fun lines, and brings out my nerdy side. Sorry I can’t roll your summer form, but I still love your assassin form! Good luck okkie!


Easy vote for melt, sorry okkie


I actually disliked her originally but warmed up to her a lot more during the rerun. Her valentine’s scene sealed the deal for me. The least said about that in a public forum though, the better :fgo_illya:


don’t like melt already, and summer melt acts like a real asshole, imo. there’s self-confidence and then there’s being an asshole. it’s a fine line, but she skates far, far beyond that line and acts like an obnoxious asshole.

osakabehime is already my spirit animal.

plus i’m more of a fan of women with a little meat on them

and hands


Fully expect Melt to win by a landslide here.

Surprisingly, while I liked original Melt a world more than original Okkie, their summer versions are a lot less clear cut. Melt really shone in her her part of the story, but every interaction outside of it are more annoying than anything. Okkie was not quite as fun in her story, but outside of it (and that’s the majority of more recent interactions) she is far better.

Think I am going to go with Okkie, even though she will likely lose. (Now if Melt didn’t ignore those 80ish rolls on her banner, I might have felt differently!)


I am definitely going Melt but I have to say that I REALLY REALLY liked the NEET princess in this event.

I hope she puts up a good showing!


Never much a fan of sadistic girls. The one thing that gives me pause is that, after all, Melt has never masterminded any trouble for us; we worked together in SE.RA.PH. and here she’s only a secondary villain come round after defeat, whereas Osakabehime actually plunked Himeji Castle on to Csejte (Pyramid). Buuuut, all’s well that ends well, and I like her personality better. And on looks, no contest; NEET Hime looks good whether she’s in a demure frilly full-length skirt (with extra meganekko power when needed) or a revealing bikini.

So while I do think the Meltryllis brigade will win this one for the ice dancer, I’m casting my vote for Batty.


Guess I’ll had to vote for Jalter’s victory again

Melt will prob win this one but she and Carmilla will lose to Musashi. My girl Okita will lose to BB, so Jalter supremacy - LET’S GO


I’ll have to presume you somehow skipped CCC and the re-run. It’s the only way to explain not understanding her popularity and considering her a “world revolves around me” type. There is undoubtedly a lot of confidence behind Melt. Not unwarranted since her shows have been selling out. And even after her plans went down she’s still been performing.

There’s no doubt about the confidence level. But she’s also a character that will sacrifice a lot for those she values highly.

Plenty of reason to hype up Osakabehime though. Has had plenty of good comedic moments. And has chipped in after finishing her doujin responsibilities. Nice to see her actively out there.


As a big Osakabehime fan I had to vote for Melt.

I really don’t like Summer Okkie, to the point I decided to not summon for her. The concept is great and she’s as fun as always, but I don’t like her ascensions and some of her facial expressions freaks me out. Also, no glasses, such a shame

Melt is Melt, I feel that even if she wasn’t a Sakuraface she would still be popular. And I hated her! But SERAPH changed my opinion on her, I’m a new man now :fgo_meltbirb:


she’s basically the textbook definition of a tsundere-type character


I like Melt the most out of the Sakuras, and her in a penguin costume is adorable (+ the sunglasses one!) but I think I’ll vote for Hime anyway.

But it’s a tough decision for sure.


True, irl stuff made me have to either skip story or waste ap on og run of seraph… And I don’t particularly like reading chapters without the fights so I was waiting for the rerun to read it… Only to have more irl stuff present the same situation during the rerun. so I don’t really know og melt. But confidence doesn’t mean that she should have free reign to be a perpetual snob and a jerk to the world, so I doubt having read ccc would make me like melt. I’d certainly understand her attitude better, but never a chance to get my vote in a popularity poll, especially against someone I’ve had quality nerdy bonding time with.


Picking Hime was the easiest and most correct choice.


Easy vote for Melt!

Now, if only she would answer my summon. Please, Melt, please…

I got Lambda on her last solo rate-up, and I’m glad to see her win here.