Summer Wars 2021 - Battle VIII. - Vampire vs. Drifter

Winner of Battle VII. Round II.: Mysterious Alter Ego Λ

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Round II. - Battle VII.

F for Hime. Our sadistic ballerina showed no mercy.

The elegantly dressed vampire who wishes for her own castle goes up against the drifter from various different worlds, who’s in very high spirits during summer.

Carmilla (Rider)

Calm, mature and always prepared to throw a card.
While she played a bigger part during one part of the event, she remained more or less on the sidelines ever since.
She took the lead in the battle against Hokusai and Okita. Can she maintain her winning streak and move on to the semi-finals where she’s up against figure skating queen?

Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker)

Energetic, cheerful, playful and lots of fun!
Musashi had to admit defeat against BB, but she’s still in the race.
Always helpful and prepared to take on strong enemies, she’s been around us for most of the event. And even if she wasn’t, it made the impression as if she pulled some strings in the background.
Will she use this chance to move into the next round and face the prima donna ballerina?

  • Carmilla Carmilla (Rider)
  • Musashi Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker)

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Sexy Phantom Thief Vampire > USA Flag/Three Panties Girl

Am I biased? Yes.


Let’s go CARmilla :fgo_jeannecheer:


My intuition has been wrong for every battle so far, hope this trend continues here because I wanna see musashi win.


Sorry carmilla

Design standpoint, Carmillia runs away with it. Her design is so good and so varied and fits the character she is. Easily the best Summer Servant from a design standpoint. Musashi looks good, but suffers from her design not really fitting either her base character or her summer version either.

Personality standpoint, Carmillia wins again, although the lack of real closure on her summer arc was disappointing, she got a strong start. She also leans into the joke and commits to it and it makes her ridiculous set up work because of that. Musashi on the other hand had no point in this event. She was boring, uninteresting, and her sub plot ended up going no where. She wasn’t even like her normal bubbly fun self, she was just the Nezha of this event. Yea she is there but can anyone remember anything she contributed.

Plus Carmillia running over Liz several times. What more can you want. Carmillia wins.


Carmilla gang, will be difficult but maybe we can win.


And the ending…


Was so bad.

Hokusai is completely sidelined despite being stated multiple times only Sabers can defeat Heavenly Demon Musashi and Berserker Musashi kills her instead.

Then Musashi gets a conclusion before Hokusai.

And then Hokusai goes on simping for how amazing and the “bestest ever” Musashi is.


I believe :fgo_dangerouslesbian:


Well… I was initially turned off by carmilla’s constant calling cards and calling MC “little girl”, but she toned both down and became more enjoyable.

Musashi… I rather agree with @LFVBF on the ending.

So I’m siding with the phantom thief today.


While I enjoy ogling MUSAshi’s unrealistically shaped body every now and then, CARmilla clearly wins in sexiness, maturity, body shape realism and comic relief.
I don care much for OG Carmilla, but CARmilla easily gets my vote.


I can’t say I’m super supportive of either side here. But I’ll say Carmilla wins out overall for me. She got way carried away with her calling cards, but overall she was pretty steady. Sometimes just being pleasant as a whole is enough. Not hyped on all her ascensions, but her main one is pretty nice.

Musashi…I don’t know. She’s not terrible or anything. But I agree with the issues about how her role played out in the late parts. Despite vanishing for much of the event it felt like it was too about her. Her designs are ok. But I don’t necessarily love any of them.

Will just let the phantom thief have this.


This is the first matchup that I had to think about, and I don’t think there’s an obvious winner (eg. Melt or Jalterzerker) . While Musashi has very sexy tan lines, Carmilla is much more elegant-looking. I think Musashi, like Hokusaber, was poorly written, because I can’t think of her doing anything in the event. She was just there, and very badly trying to pretend that she wasn’t herself, which came off as dumb.

I vote Carmilla!


Sorry Musashi (not at all sorry), but Carmilla has a lot of style. It’s also great seeing her as an ally rather than a villain for a change. She’s reminds me too much of Cruella de Vil


Carmilla’s first and second ascension are just so good!

Personally I think that Melt, Carmilla, and Jaltzer are the favorites to win this tournament this year.

mUSAshi also gets points deducted for telling us she isn’t Musashi and then proceeding to scream “I am Miyamoto Musashi” with her NP.




Carmilla was my favorite part of this event

Sorry, Musashi.


I feel like Musashi got her time in the spotlight already after Shimosa so I liked seeing Carmilla take center stage.

That said… I have a soft spot for Musashi. Sorrynotsorry


Don’t be sorry

Just @bluebell to see this