Summer Wars - Grand Final

More than one month has passed since this Summer War has started. There were many sad losses, but also great victories.
All of that lead us to this Grand Final!

Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer vs. Nero Claudius Caster

Mikon! I will show the Emperor of Rome what makes a reliable Shrine Maiden Fox truly special!

I expected no less. Umu! This is the ideal stage to face off my eternal Rival! Let us fight a fair Battle!

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Third-Place Play-Off

  • TamamoLancerStage3Icon Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer
  • NeroCasterFinalIcon Nero Claudius Caster

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Once again your favorite Servants:
Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer
Nero Claudius Caster

General Information on Battles
  • Every battle lasts for Three Days.
  • The polls close automatically three days after each battle at 8 pm CET, which is 11 am PDT.
  • Results will be shown when poll is closed.
  • Below the poll you’ll find a table of the battles.
  • You can only pick one Servant - choose wisely
  • Choose your pick based on taste!
  • Be nice to each other! Everyone has different taste and there’s no right nor wrong.
  • Lastly and most importantly: Have Fun!
Table of Battles



Its time for the fate-extra grudge rematch of the century!


let’s :clap: go :clap: Tamamo :clap:


If Tamamo wins, Nobu will be avenged.

Remember this and vote for Tamamo.

Even if you dislike Tamamo, do it for Nobu. Avenge her. The evil Nero Caster must not prevail!



NERO-SA-MA! :fgo_umu:
NERO-SA-MA! :fgo_umu:
NERO-SA-MA! :fgo_umu:
NERO-SA-MA! :fgo_umu:


Don’t forget that best waifu literally wants to be a waifu


This is sadly difficult. Rarity breeds envy though.

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It is one thing to want to be a waifu!

It is another thing entirely to be the Emperor!

Now altogether now my fellow Nero Legionnaires! Lets deafen everyone with the echoes of our chant!

:clap: :fgo_umu:NE-RO-SA-MA :fgo_umu: :clap:

:clap: :fgo_umu:NE-RO-SA-MA :fgo_umu: :clap:

:clap: :fgo_umu:NE-RO-SA-MA :fgo_umu: :clap:

:clap: :fgo_umu:NE-RO-SA-MA :fgo_umu::clap:


Even fox ears can’t hear Nero from the top

MIKON :clap: MIKON :clap: MIKON :clap:
MIKON :clap: MIKON :clap: MIKON :clap:
MIKON :clap: MIKON :clap: MIKON :clap:


Kinda odd, but in terms of Fate/Extra, I prefer Nero, but when it comes to their Summer versions, I prefer Tamamo.

Who will be the true Grand Caster in our hearts? Tune in this Tuesday for more!


I do believe that in term of greatness Tamamo is quite better.

I mean, she is only the most famous Kitsune known all around the world, and a mass murderer.

Nero? An Emperor loved by his people but that did not better that other Roman Emperors way more important than him.

Sorry but in terms of Pedigree and deeds Tamamo is better.

If Nero wins, it’s only for waifu reasons

Nero can’t hold a candle to Tamamo

Sorry, what!?
If you word it like that, it could be a description of Jack the Ripper as well.


Point is Both Jack the Ripper and Tamamo are the best of their Kind. Top Tier, in a way.

The most important and famous Kitsune.
The most known murderer in the world.

Nero instead is one of many Emperors, and not one of the best. The waifu reasons of FGO are another matter

So you admit that Nero is the better waifu!!!

This battle is good as won!

As expected!!


Don’t place words i never said in my mouth :sunglasses:

The waifu reasons are also for Tamamo.

Stop! You’ll give people the wrong impression!
We’re trying to win a swimsuit contest not count corpses!


You don’t make it any better, to be honest.
Normally, it’s socially not really accepted to… You know… Mass murder.

It sounds like you are talking about their real life/real lore versions and not the FGO ones.
So I’m taking it like that and say it like this: Jack thr Ripper might have been a brilliant murderer, but people usually find his deeds disgusting and don’t like him for what he did.
As for Tamamo: I don’t know her lore all too well, but as far as I know her mass murder was more of a self defense(?) Correct me if I’m wrong, please.
Still, murdering a bunch of people isn’t really what you would call a “great deed”.


Well he is a Nobu fan…


I mean, war is kinda like that. I kinda wonder what the world would be like if Nobunga had won…

Go gameplay in F/GO rather than RL things though. In such a case, comparing Tamamo to Jack is appropriate. Jack quicks Female Servants to death, Tamamo Lancer busters Male Servants to death. What does Nero do in Challenge Quests so far.


ST Casters are usually better for those, but her kit is mostly farming and damage. Particularly against Berserkers.