Summer Wars - Grand Final

In Fate/Extra Tamamo acknowledges mass murder as punishable no matter the reason, even though she says what she did was in self-defense. IMO using Tama’s real lore doesn’t work with her chosen personality in Fate. This Tama hates her past and just wants to be the good wife she couldn’t be while alive.

You forget that i’m italian. :sweat_smile:
Emperor Nero recieved by the Senate the Damnatio Memoriae the worst of the punisment:

The condemnation involved the cancellation of the name from the inscriptions of all public monuments, the demolition of statues and honorary monuments and the scarring of portraits on the coins.

It was Nero who condamned and killed Cristians under the false pretense that they were the culprit of the great fire of Rome.

As i said, we italians do not have a good impression of Nero. :sweat_smile:

Nero with the Cristians hadn’t been any better

Eh, both aren’t my favorite. If I had to pick, Tamamo. Cause I don’t like Nero’s personality in the Fate universe much. A pity people picked Nero over the clearly superior Nobu.

So it came down to Fate Extra, heh?


You know, you contradict yourself.
On one hand you praise Tamamo for her mass murder, on the other hand you condemn Nero for it.
No matter how you look at it, it’s just that you would choose anyone over Nero, because you’re heavily biased.
At least that’s how it sounds to me.

Still, kayonov is right:

This quote made my day :rofl:




I’ll tell you another one.
Emperor Nero forced is ex-master and esteemed philosopher to commit suicide (else, Nero would have executed him).
Among other things…

On the one hand, we have Tamamo who is a fictional character who never existed and never did any of the things she’s famous for.

On the other hand, we have an awful Emperor who did many bad deeds and that for the right reasons earned a Damnatio Memoriae.

No matter if in this game the developers made her a likeable woman.
Yes, i’m biased. But i repeat Nero is a historical figure of my country and a very bad one. I’m rightfully biased against her :sweat_smile:

Oh sh*t the cops are coming

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What the hell!?

That walk back is fantastic.

Love to see it.

idk wasn’t me

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Me neither

We were having a peaceful discussion here,
don’t know why my reply was flagged and hidden.

But that’s ok. I’m out of this thread.
If i can’t freely express my opinion, i see no point in keep talking.
I’m truly disappointed.

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Please consider to keep the discussion on track.
You can giving your impression but please use something commonly on community.

If possible, try to not bringing IRL history and comparing it to fate character.

Also mostly people keep the discussion and vote based on waifu factor/their favourites character without needing deep reason that come from real-life history.


Bringing this discussion back on track:

I’m rooting for Nero in this one, because I think she has one of the cutest voices in all of FGO. Especially her Summer version. I can’t get enough of listening to her during battles.

Plus, I really love it, that she finally wears her hair open. She looks irresistible that way.


I thought Jalter voice are the cutest for you?

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I love Jalter overall. Mostly because of her characteristics and yeah, her voice lines are great as well.

But Nero is just… incomparable!


cute angry fox noises


I noticed a problem with the poll; you seem to have forgotten to include the All of the Above option. WHY DO YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE ONLY ONE?:sob:


Change pfp, no loyal jalter fans :fgo_pout: