Summer Wars QF II. - Father vs. Son

Once more - the Battle of Camlann
… just with less blood and more Fun

Winner of the First Quarterfinal is Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer

Our dependable Shrine Maiden Fox has proven once again, that no other House-Waifu can take her on - not even this dedicated Maid Alter. (Though it was really close)
But she’s not done yet. She has yet to face another Saber-face during the Semifinal!

Battle I: Result
Battle II: Result
Battle III: Result
Battle IV: Result
Battle V: Result
Battle VI: Result
Battle VII: Result
Battle VIII: Result

Quarterfinal I: Result

Surfer Mordred

It was the closest battle so far. She has beaten Ishtar by just 1 vote. Will it be the same against her father?

Arturia Pendragon Archer

In her first duel she won against Saint Martha. Now she has to fight her treacherous Son again.
Can she beat her again?

  • MordredRiderFinalIcon Surfer Mordred
  • ArtoriaArcherStage2Icon Arturia Pendragon Archer

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Even though pretty much everyone here most likely knows what they look like in battle… Feel free to watch them fighting once more:
Surfer Mordred
Arturia Pendragon Archer

General Information on Battles
  • Every battle lasts for Three Days. The Servant with the most votes gets into the next round.
  • The polls close automatically three days after each battle at 8 pm CET, which is 11 am PDT.
  • I’ll try my best to start the next battle at around that time.
  • Results will be shown when poll is closed. I’ll announce the winner at the beginning of every following battle.
  • Below the poll you’ll find a table of the battles. I’m going to update it with every new battle.
  • The Final Battle is going to start August 16th. So this will accompany us through all of Summer.
  • You can only pick one Servant - choose wisely
  • Choose your pick based on taste!
    The battles were decided randomly. Class, skills, utility and so on can be totally different, so it would make no sense to pick based on gameplay.
  • Be nice to each other! Everyone has different taste and there’s no right nor wrong.
  • Lastly and most importantly: Have Fun!
Table of Battles

King or Knight — Who’s going to win this duel?

i was gonna send the Guardian of the galaxy 2 one at first xD
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Eh, technically a draw first time around - both died. ^_-

As for me, yuri Mo it is. Her “interlude” in summah-one made sure of that. <3

Pony tails are good civilization


can’t disagree with that xD

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Artoria to Mordred:


When a girl with a water gun meets a girl with a surf board, the girl with the water gun is a drowned girl (people old enough will get a reference here)





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This is so hard :see_no_evil:

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Well since the alter form get defeated I lost all hope for artoria. Plus I like this mordred better anyways

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SurMo all the way!

fun fact: I got og saber #3 the same roll I got surmo

shame the exact opposite happend when rolling the squirtoria banner

Really? Saber Mordred was my FOURTH SSR SPOOK right before Archuria showed up.

trying to beat her father, even at arriving faster

also fourth? is that on the same banner or overall?

Artoria, father of the year, would never beat her son.

She doesn’t even look at her.

Same banner I go to Waver, Seiba, Scheherazade, Mordred, then Archuria. Scheherazade was new and everyone else got the upgrade to np2.

Well, maybe Waver and Seiba were on the Tamalancer banner. But she didn’t come, so it was consecutive.

I thought you said same roll and was about to say wtf

I wish. Would have been so much cheaper :see_no_evil:

This is an easy vote. I vote for the Seiba-face of course!! :fgo_umu:

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