Summer Wars QF III. - Pharaoh vs. Emperor

The Beauty of the Desert against the Emperor of Roses

Umu, let us have a nice contest once again.

Winner of the Second Quaterfinal is Arturia Pendragon Archer

The King of Knights retains her seat on the Throne!
Arturia defeated her son and moves forward into the next battle, where she has to face off Tamamo, the fluffy Fox!

Battle I: Result
Battle II: Result
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Quarterfinal I: Result
Quarterfinal II: Result

Nitocris Assassin

She held her ground against the sexy Scáthach. But does she stand a chance against her next opponent?

Nero Claudius Caster

Kiyohime didn’t stand a chance against the famous emperor. Does her beauty surpass that of a certain Pharao as well?

  • NitocrisAssassinStage3Icon Nitocris Assassin
  • NeroCasterFinalIcon Nero Claudius Caster

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As always:
Nitocris Assassin
Nero Claudius Caster

General Information on Battles
  • Every battle lasts for Three Days. The Servant with the most votes gets into the next round.
  • The polls close automatically three days after each battle at 8 pm CET, which is 11 am PDT.
  • I’ll try my best to start the next battle at around that time.
  • Results will be shown when poll is closed. I’ll announce the winner at the beginning of every following battle.
  • Below the poll you’ll find a table of the battles. I’m going to update it with every new battle.
  • The Final Battle is going to start August 16th. So this will accompany us through all of Summer.
  • You can only pick one Servant - choose wisely
  • Choose your pick based on taste!
    The battles were decided randomly. Class, skills, utility and so on can be totally different, so it would make no sense to pick based on gameplay.
  • Be nice to each other! Everyone has different taste and there’s no right nor wrong.
  • Lastly and most importantly: Have Fun!
Table of Battles

Umu, let the battle begin!

Give me an UMU!!!


Nope for me it’s Nito. Never been a big fan of Umu and Nito is just so adorable and incredibly beautiful on her assassin art. :heart_eyes:

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Voting for Nitocris because she is Nitocris and Nitocris is Best Pharaoh, but I have lost faith in this community’s ability to make the correct choice after last round. #MordredDeservedToWin #ArturiaIsAChildAbuser


I actually agree that Nito is adorable and her assassin art is beautiful. In fact, these are my two favorites out of the entire competition.

BUT…I just got to give this to my emperor of roses!

100% vote for umu :fgo_umu:


I feel for Nito, but I’ve got to go with the Umu Caster here.

There is just too many levels that I give it to Nero. I like both characters, but I like Nero more between the two. She’s a ton of fun to use, has an awesome over the top NP, and is so incredibly cute in her final ascension art. Nito brought it herself in terms of art and entertainment with her first ascension.

Not a total blowout here since in other matchups I’d totally pull for Nitocris. But Nero gets the vote this time.

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Everyone who knows me knows who I’m voting for. :fgo_umu:

Besides, how can anyone not vote for this adorable face?


Nito is good, but the vote have to go to Umu

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Nero has those Gundam funnels flying around her. As fan of funnels, fangs, bits and orbit weapons she has my vote.

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Yeeeeaaahh like Nero answered my summons 2wice, is a much better servant, and is easy to use, but Nitocris summer is just like… I just like… i uhhhhh… You know, this gif of Leonardo Dicaprio best describes my feelings towards Nitocris Summer…giphy


Worthy final imo but Umu wins regardless

Much truth.

About 10 hours left.
Is the victory of the Beautiful Emperor already cast in stone?
Or can the Desert Beauty offer opposition to her?

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Lies, nothing but lies! Artoria is laifu