Summer Wars SF I. - TamaShark vs. Archuria

Shrine Maiden Fox vs. King of Knights

Winner of the Fourth Quarterfinal is Oda Nobunaga Berserker

Not as obvious as against Helena, but Nobu still destroyed Mama Raikou.
With this, she enters the Semifinal and faces Nero Claudius Caster next time.

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Quarterfinal I: Result
Quarterfinal II: Result
Quarterfinal III: Result
Quarterfinal IV: Result

Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer

She won against the Yuri Pirates and even Maid Alter. But what will it be this time?

Arturia Pendragon Archer

She’s proven just how many fans she has from the very first battle on by defeating Martha Ruler. Afterwards she won against Mordred. Now she has to deal with the Shrine Maiden Fox.

  • TamamoLancerStage3Icon Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer
  • ArtoriaArcherStage2Icon Arturia Pendragon Archer

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As always…:
Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer
Arturia Pendragon Archer

General Information on Battles
  • Every battle lasts for Three Days. The Servant with the most votes gets into the next round.
  • The polls close automatically three days after each battle at 8 pm CET, which is 11 am PDT.
  • I’ll try my best to start the next battle at around that time.
  • Results will be shown when poll is closed. I’ll announce the winner at the beginning of every following battle.
  • Below the poll you’ll find a table of the battles. I’m going to update it with every new battle.
  • The Final Battle is going to start August 16th. So this will accompany us through all of Summer.
  • You can only pick one Servant - choose wisely
  • Choose your pick based on taste!
    The battles were decided randomly. Class, skills, utility and so on can be totally different, so it would make no sense to pick based on gameplay.
  • Be nice to each other! Everyone has different taste and there’s no right nor wrong.
  • Lastly and most importantly: Have Fun!
Table of Battles

Who’s going to win and move into the Final!?

Lancer vs Archer? As long as that archer didn’t have Seven Ring That Cover The Fiery Heavens (Rho Aias) Lancer has a high chance… But normally Archer gonna get kick in the crotch by ball buster.

Normally, Archers have a quick charge. But Arturia Archer has to spend NP charge to heal most times. Even with her NP giving her a charge bar, that is offset. And the sheer number of hits means Tamamo can just throw up her invincibility, Charge her NP that way, then strike the turn after the stun ends.

Also, Tamamo! Not as good as Nobu, but Tamamo!

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Best portrait, best smile.
+1 Artoria

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Once again Tamamo rides into battle. This time against her mightiest foe yet, but not alone. @Yunchii call all the bannermen.

House Tama: Curses and Blood

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Tamamo boobs is bigger than Artoria…


Valid argument

Tamamo is the best.
But since the most part of the community likes the Saber face, Tamamo will loose.

Tama answered my summons, and I like her overall character design alot more than archuria’s. Mainly the personality her seiyu brings out in her voice lines. It was the main reason I wanted to summon her. I wanted to listen to all her My Room voice lines and I wanted to know what she was saying. There are a select few servants who are like that for me, and she was on top of the list.

To me archuria would have nice to have gameplay wise, but that’s it. Tama checks that box and many others.

We will vote for her,we will sheer hee
And if she looses,then she would have lost with honor !


That’s right. We will vote for Tamamo and we will believe in her till the end.


King of Knights, here and now is your next Camlann. You already defeated Mordred so win here and reset your fate!

Go Arturia!!! Exorcise this fox spirit with the light of your divine blade!

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I agreed to vote for salter, not this one xD

That’s fine.

I know Tama is a higher waifu for you!

May the best heroic spirit win!

Though I am certain that Tama will win, I shall have hope. Never underestimate the face of the fate series!!!
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Must push Tamamo to win!

It’s a bit of consolation for all the Tamamos who got Chen-Gong-shooting-star’d these days…

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I mean, Tama barely won against Maid Alter at a time when Maid Alter wasn’t released, which gave her a bit of a handycap.
So I think Archuria has pretty good chances here.

@kayonov your waifu needs you !

I voted for Archuria, because I can’t have Mordred lose to anyone but the absolute champion

Dear Lost brother-in-arms. What blasphemy do you speak? :catsob: Don’t be fooled by her face. That is not Nero. She has neither roses, flame swords or gundam remote controlled weapons!

What you talking about, Tama’s victory is ensured