Summer Wars SF II. - Emperor of Roses vs. Rockstar!

Two Emperors, Two Leaders, Maybe Even Two Tyrants Facing Each Other

Umu, I am ready! Present my next adversary to me!

Winner of the First Semifinal Battle is Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer

It was a tough, relentless fight against the rightful King of Britannia.
In the end our dependable Shrine Maiden Fox took the lead.
With that we have our first contestant for the Great Final!

Battle I: Result
Battle II: Result
Battle III: Result
Battle IV: Result
Battle V: Result
Battle VI: Result
Battle VII: Result
Battle VIII: Result

Quarterfinal I: Result
Quarterfinal II: Result
Quarterfinal III: Result
Quarterfinal IV: Result

Semifinal I: Result

Nero Claudius Caster

Showing more Love than Kiyohime and more Beauty than Nitocris, she wanders through this tournament in triumph.

Oda Nobunaga Berserker
Crushing Helena and destroying Raikou, she mercilessly leaves a trail of hellish flames behind.

  • NeroCasterFinalIcon Nero Claudius Caster
  • OdaNobunagaBerserkerFinalIcon Oda Nobunaga Berserker

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You know:
Nero Claudius Caster
Oda Nobunaga Berserker

General Information on Battles
  • Every battle lasts for Three Days. The Servant with the most votes gets into the next round.
  • The polls close automatically three days after each battle at 8 pm CET, which is 11 am PDT.
  • I’ll try my best to start the next battle at around that time.
  • Results will be shown when poll is closed. I’ll announce the winner at the beginning of every following battle.
  • Below the poll you’ll find a table of the battles. I’m going to update it with every new battle.
  • The Final Battle is going to start August 16th. So this will accompany us through all of Summer.
  • You can only pick one Servant - choose wisely
  • Choose your pick based on taste!
    The battles were decided randomly. Class, skills, utility and so on can be totally different, so it would make no sense to pick based on gameplay.
  • Be nice to each other! Everyone has different taste and there’s no right nor wrong.
  • Lastly and most importantly: Have Fun!
Table of Battles

Umu, may the better win.

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Another easy win for the emperor of Roses


I’d like to agree… but… Nobu is something else.

I don’t know if you have her. But man… Everyone who pulled her on the gacha is bound to love her. Sorry dude.

This is hard, this is too hard :fgo_jeannu:

Don’t forget!

Nero is Italian! Italians don’t ever go down easily!

Especially Italian sausage! That stuff gives me heartburn bad!

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Uhh, obv there’s only one proper choice here.


Whenever I use Nero, I feel like I’m listening to a 6 years old.

Whenever I use Nobu, I hear “THANK YOU”.

Easy choice.


You have to choose the one that says Thank you~ when you use her

And she gets her 5-star Awesome™ final battle-form in the end, too! <3

Buster-shirt, people. It is love, more love even than Rubra Claudia. ^_^

Again with this 1 vs 1 battles.

You will never understand…

Nobu is Nobu.
It’s like saying that water is transparent or the sky is blue.
Nobu is truth, noone else could win a contest if she desire to partecipate.
Because Nobu is Nobu.


One word…




Despite Nero’s lack of good manners I’m loyal to the Fate Extra club. This may be an uphill battle, but Nero can win. Despite all those Jojo and Dbz and the power of rock memes within Nobu, Nero has those Gundam funnels. That accounts for a lot. Nobu has the memes, but Nero has the star power of being front and center of many Fate game box arts. Nero also has the classier swimsuit.

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Nobu doesn’t has the memes, she’s the meme, your mother, your cool sister and one of the most awesome things created in this planet.

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Ez nero
3 servants gacha vs 2 servants (one of them are welfare)


Sorry Nero… Cult of Nobu is too strong and less annoying…

Tough choice. Almost chose Umu Caster because I like Nero and because Okita deserves justice and Nobu stole the Shinsengumi funds that could’ve been used to get Okita a swimsuit (damn you DW we want Swimsuit Okita!!!). In the end, however, I chose Nobu because nobu nob nobu, nobu nob, nob nobu (DW Chibi Nobu Servant when?).

Edit: Daishouri appears to be getting a swimsuit so I now feel less guilty for voting for Washi Ja.

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Both of them may have come to me in the gacha… but Umulicious takes it!

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Strategically vote for Nero so Tamamo doesn’t have to face Nobu on finale?

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Vote for nobu so can easily make en excuse when tama lose to nobu, or when nobu lost to tama.
win-win solution.


On second thought that’s probably not appropriate. Tama losing the championship is worse than Tama losing sportsmanship.

(Still gonna vote umu cuz friend support umu is great help farming this event. That’s a proper reason this time)

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