Summertime! - 10M DL Banner Roll Thread

Hallo everyone,

Summer 1 rate-up shall be up in a couple days - for the last time in the foreseeable future. Myself, I plan to get an NP-level for these two here

Or all 4 to NP5, should RNG-gods be lenient enough, so Anne can be definite point-woman vs sabah-bosses - I’ll see whether I go all-out like that come Saturday or not…

Many of you may have other priorities, however - be it Mikon :fgo_tamamo:

Kiyo :fgo_kiyo:

Or Mo :fgo_mordredthink:

Good luck, everyone!


Waiting until June 1 for that Mikon/Mordred day

Mikon eluded me last year—she’s the only summer servant I don’t have. :upside_down_face:

Mordred I just want to NP3 :grimacing:


I’m satisfied with mine so I’ll skip this banner but good luck to everyone rolling.
Like @jakeyb increasing Mordred’s NP level to 3 would be nice but she’s worked amazing even at NP2 so I’ll let her remain there.


Mostly because at NP2 sometimes she fails to reliably 3T the feather node in Salem :grimacing:


Hadn’t considered that point but I probably should try a looping team after all Arash deserves a break.


I will be glad to get even a single copy lol. But if I could chose m, then it would be Sur Mo for the NP looping potential. If I was gonna get spooked then it better be the pirates :skull_and_crossbones: for their Hijikata gimmick/niche of tons of DMG at lower HP, iirc.

As for any Tamano in general… I don’t really care about her…

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I’m tempted of rolling for Kiyo because she is the only servant on that banner that I dont have and also to make make Tamamo NP2 but I need to save for Skadi and dante.
If the temptation is higth enougth I will use some tickets.


Man’s eager, though - plus, I get to experiment around with more setups due to his low deploy-cost. Not to mention that I haven’t yet raised the full NP-refund gang yet (Paracelsus, mainly).

I would probably have passed on the current rate-up if we knew whether its crew are put into others any time soon. Whenever Mo and/or Kiyo show up again will be the time I’ll try and lift the both of them from NP2 to NP5.

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I have 0 servants from Summer 1 and i even played both the original and the rerun, my luck is cursed during summer events.

If i end up rolling i’ll do it the first day since i’m really fine with any spook, Mordred being the most useful gameplay wise while Kiyo is amazing overall.

That said i can only spare a single multi and some tickets so expectations are set as low as possible.


You and me both. I’m actually indifferent to Summer Tamamo, but I do want more NP levels on SurfMo, so that’s my banner.


I’m fine with my sometimes 3T, otherwise always 4T clear there. Is the lie I tell myself to resist spending quartz on Superior Tamamo and Moedred


I’ll start with Kiyohime’s banner. I still need 3 copies to get her to NP5. Hard, but doable.
Then I might try for NP5 Mordred, just to have her complete. She’s already 10/10/10 and one more copy shouldn’t be too hard.
As for Anne: NP3? I would be grateful for NP2 as well. I just want her to be acceptable for harder battles as well. Although we all know she’s best when she’s more dead than alive.

And for Tamamo… Just one more copy to have her at NP2 as well. She’s the only Summer 5* I have at NP1 and it doesn’t feel right. So maybe she’l grace me with another copy.


Tamashark and Surfer Mo would be nice, but I got a lot of targets over the Summer so will maybe chuck a few tickets and leave it at that. I can console myself with the fact that Da Vinci Rider is a big target for me next year.

Good luck to everyone rolling!


Will try my best resisting alluring call of Kyo :fgo_anchin_sama: Will report here if I give in to temptation :fgo_kiyo:
But anyway, good luck to everybody else


I’ve got no servants from summer 1 like @Torafuku — just Welfare Scathach. I also had really bad luck on that banner as a noob.

I won’t be rolling at all though. The two most important targets (MHXX and Skadi) are coming up (and my early year summons wiped away much of my savings) so full save-mode has been active ever since.

Good luck to those rolling though! :fgo_umu:


I will sadly skip this banner and most definitely i will stay away from this thread, since if i see you roll and get Tamashark or Kiyo lancer…i know that i’ll break and try to roll myself.

But i must resist and save for Nito. When it comes to gatcha and FGO, my willpower crumble like a sand castle.
At least i already have at least 1 copy of each of these servants.

Anyway, i am just here to wish you all good luck in your rolls.


I have everyone on the banner except Mordred at NP1. I’d like everyone at NP2 at least. RIP my savings.


I’ll try a few rolls for SurfMo on the 1st/6th of June, when she’s the only 4 star on increased drop rate (Tamashark would be a nice addiction too :laughing:)


Will, probably, roll once in case TamaLancer feels benevolent. All the rest of my SQ is reserved for Skadi and Summer 3 purposes only and I don’t dare to go spending any more of it. I mean, it is Tamamo, but I have ST lancers, but it is Tamamo, but SQ, but it is Tamamo, but Tamamo already is in my Chaldea… No. Better to resist the temptation.


I don’t think NP3 will help too much over NP2 for the Salem Feathers node. The main thing (at least in my experience) for 3 turning it is getting 1 or 2 of Mordred’s face cards (and enough Crit Stars, but that part’s not too hard) on turn 3 so you can Crit the beefy enemy to death.

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