Summertime! - 10M DL Banner Roll Thread

The damage increase from NP2 to NP3 will be enough

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What’s the realistic hp limit of looping with surfmo at np1? I’ve got all the arts supports (bride, tama, casgil, Paracelsus) all skilled up already, and except for casgil the bond CE’s are coming soon. Wondering if it’s worth trying for her with extremely limited sq it for gameplay only reasons.

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Looping works regardless of HP (her refund is good enough to need 0 overkill with just double Tama, before we get into any plugsuit shenanigans or other MC skills), but you’re gonna have trouble actually killing the third wave. At Np1, you’d generally stick to Gilfest (damage CE fixes everything), because otherwise even 70k HP Casters will survive your third NP, so it’s not really practical for much outside of doors and Gilfest.

That being said, Gilfest is what matters, actually, since that’s when saving time and hassle is most vital, so she’s plenty worth having at NP1 for that.

Re: the banner; I’m gonna try a few rolls for Kiyo. Not interested in anyone else; maybe Mo because looping is just really dumb fun, but my funds are strapped as is and I can’t afford to spend much here with Anni+Summer coming up.


With all of that Support, you should be good to go for NP Looping (provided the wave has 3 enemies), but you just might have trouble killing higher HP mobs.

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I know how you feel…well minus Tamamo being at my Chaldea. Technically Tamamo Cat is there, but her Caster/Lancer versions definitely aren’t. May end up rolling once myself. I do want to try for Skadi and look ahead to the Summer events to come.

But, I would really like one Tamamo at my Chaldea that feels like regular Tamamo. But may be hopeless. Too much Nero may be keeping her away.


Even though Skadi’s Banner is close to 2 months away, I’m exhausting most of my saved resources on this Banner so as to try and raise TamaLancer one more level to reach NP4 (If lucky early on though, I’ll want to do what I can to go up to NP5). The summer event was pretty much the time I made my 1st ever banner roll when I was starting FGO, so increasing Tamamo’s NP is going to be kind of my thanks to her for helping me clear the main story a lot easier.


I wanna get Anne to np2 and mordred to np3 my issue is my tammy is np5 and well… I really don’t wanna get a uso from a limited servant. I may end up just passing to avoid the risk but idk yet

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Bait banner.

Steel yourself.


As much as I would love to roll here, Skadi is around the corner. Gosh, I can’t wait to finally get her (the alternative is not an option) so that I can finally start rolling on other banners for more than one or two YOLO rolls (not that I can complain on that front, the Sherlock banner gave me Ozy and Lancelot for 36 SQ).


No, Nero shouldn’t be a problem, I think. Tamamo visited my Chaldea at Nerofest, so…
Anyway, wish you good luck if you decide to roll.


Quick question… Who’s the better antinmale Servant? Tamashark or Euryale? If the latter then I am skipping Tama. If the former… R.I.P to my servings…

Tamashark drugs you with a drink in her valentine ce event

Roll for her just for this.

Anyone should own a devious cunning fox

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Given how adorably dorky she is about it, I doubt that “cunning” plays much of a role there. :fgo_kiarasmile:

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Well, usually she should be cunning, or at least that’s how i picture her in my mind

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It’s honestly pretty concerning o think about, we are actually embracing someone smuggling roofies into our drink with the intention to rape us.

Euryale is the best anti male servant in general, both due to her ridiculous damage output and her charmlock.
If the enemy is either not male or charm immune, her effectiveness drops to near zero, though.
Tamashark deals nice bonus damage to males, but is a competent servant against anyone at base.
However, the most important difference is their classes, really, as such you can’t say whether one of them is straight better than the other as they fill different niches already.
Also, there is absolutely 0 need to roll for Tamashark gameplaywise, regardless of Euryale’s existence. Roll for her if you like her, otherwise skip, simple as that. As far as ST lancers in general go, she’s pretty mediocre.


I agree.
Tamashark is easily missable.

I rolled her only because i like her.

And her skills and stats are nice, also.

But for example Enkidu is a ST buster lancer that in my opinion is stronger than Tama

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Most of the ST Buster Lancers in the game outperform her, as far as I’m concerned. Bryn, Enkidu and Scathach all hit significantly harder with their NP even before considering how Scathach and Bryn’s niche damage makes their output shoot through the roof, and the demerits on tamashark’s skills are not really justified for what they do in the first place.
Her upside is that her niche is really wide unlike the other two I mentioned. But her card damage is also low and she is overall just clunky to use. Her redeeming grace are her powerful generation stats on her cards… but then you look at Summer Ibaraki who has the exact same generation stats, but a significantly better kit, and you just wonder why Tamashark doesn’t get the upgrade she desperately needs to justify ever bringing her over basically any other ST lancer. Sure, she will get it done, but aside from Jaguar and Kiyohime, everyone else will just do it better because they dont have to deal with unjustified demerits holding them back.


I think many people would agree that her reediming grace is her being in a swim suit…

Jokes aside, i agree


Running low on funds now, so I may have to not roll for Tamamo as Okitan and Skadi are coming very, very soon. Maybe she’ll show up in a GSSR someday.

However, getting a copy of Mordred Rider won’t be too hard. If somehow Tamamo shows up too, alright! Now to wait for June 1st.



Lol! You make an interesting point there.

Ayy the good old head-cannon!

I see… So I guess bI should just stick with raising my Bryn from 4/4/5 then, huh…

I appreciate these myriad opinions that seem to all point at Tamashark being garbage. Now I am feeling a lil confident with my Ana and Bryn.

I see, so since I only have Bryn out of the 3 ST Lancers you mentioned, I will just focus on her then. I was under the assumption that Bryn sucks since no one displays her in their Support Setup aha :sweat_smile:

So she’s basically a waste of time and money then?

Welp! Thanks y’all for you myriad opinions that all seem to come to an unanimous decision that Tama sucks and I shouldn’t bother with her. Now I can invest in just Surfer Mo instead! :partying_face: