Summon advice

Hi guys, im still new to this game and i need help with my team comp as i am a bit confused which servant should i summon and level up to complement my roster.

i also have
RIder : ushi(lvl40)
Caster: hans(lvl65)
Archer: arash(lvl60)


First, Welcome to the community.

Second, combine all the duplicates to raise NP lvl. If NP is already 5, burn them (or use them as EXP material, but I think the Mana Prisms would be a better option).

Third, you’d generally want to get an AoE and ST Servant for each class to focus on, but I’m guessing your account is still really new?

oh i didn’t know that you can burn for mana prism, thx for the info.
i’ve actually made the account on 2018 but only played it for a bit before trying it again this august

For summon goals, look for the Big Four supports (Waver, Tamomo, Skadi, and Merlin) when they’re on rate up. Besides that, pick out what Servants you like as characters, maybe picking out one absolutely favorite for each class, and aim for them.

Keep in mind that you’ll get most 3* or below Servants sooner or later from Friend Point summons.

As for leveling up, again I’d advise picking an absolute favorite of each class (or one favorite with an AoE NP, and one with a ST NP) and focusing on them. A couple highly leveled Servants will serve you better than a large number of slightly leveled Servants. Also, Mash is absolutely worth investing in.

For low level Servants, in addition to Arash, Spartacus is also worth leveling for farming, since he has an AoE NP, Berserker class advantage against pretty much everything, and a NP battery skill to help you access his NP.

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Ah. Similar situation to what happened with me.

Well then… The biggest problem I’m seeing with your roster right now is the fact that it’s so small.
Well, that and the fact that you’re Euryale is lvl 1. You might want to fix that and get her maxed before the 6th Singularity, if you’re not already there yet.
So, it makes it difficult to recommend specific Servants.

Mecha-Eli chan is going to be your best Cavalry Killer until you get better options. Herc is your anchor, should always be in the 6th slot. Siegfried’s gonna be a good Lancer mob and dragon killer. (He deals more damage to non-Lancer Dragons than non-Dragon Lancers.) Astolfo has potential as a good farmer.

Beyond that, as @BSaito said, look for big supports and look into Servants you like and figure out when their banners are.

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hmm… do i really need Euryale for 6th singularity or i can just brute force my way through everything with berserker servants?
and as @BSaito stated the main goal for summoning rn is to get between the big 4 support and an AoE Np servant and also ST Np servant of each class?
oh Siegfried and Astolfo is quite useful then haha, i thought they’ll not be as useful as A tier 3*.

All the bosses basically cheat, so their brute force is much greater than yours.

It’s the hardest Singularity for a reason.
So, yes, you need Euryale or Orion unless you want to be living in hell.

And, yes, big 4 and AoE and ST in each Class are the basic recommendations.

Ah ic ic, i thought it was only Kiara that have invul pierce cheat… but all the bosses from singularity 6 onwards is basically Game Breaking huh.
Thank you for the info!

One quick question first. Are you strictly F2P? If not, do you have some sort of budget?

For someone who is strictly F2P, my advice would be to roll for whoever you want, waifu >>>>>>>> gameplay in short. Through friend support you can borrow any of the top Servants in terms of gameplay, and practically everything in the game can be cleared using only the 1-3* Servants. It’ll be harder, more challenging, and will need quite a lot of investment and planning but it’s doable. There are many gameplay videos on YT showcasing low rarity teams beating even the hardest content.

That said, look through future summoning banners and pick may be two 5* Servants to save for EACH YEAR if you want decent odds at summoning them with strictly F2P SQ.

If you have a budget set aside to spend on buying SQ, I highly suggest sticking to a strict limit so you don’t go overboard on the spending (unless you’re a mega whale or a leviathan, in which case why even ask who to summon? :crazy_face:).

If you wanna aim for 5* Servants for gameplay, you can’t go wrong with the support kings, Waver, Merlin, Skadi, and Tamamo. In the future we’ll also be getting Reines and Caster Arturia among top wanted supporters. With any of these, gameplay will be a lot easier and you’ll cheese a lot of the regular content (and even some harder ones).

As for who to raise, general advice is to raise one Single-Target NP Servant and one AoE NP Servant PER CLASS. AoE for wave-clearing and farming, and ST for boss-killing.


Siegfried is decent, though a lot of people shit on him since his ATK is on the low end for his rarity. Still, he hits pretty hard especially against enemies with the [Dragon] Trait, which includes quite a few Servants. If not him, then Fergus is a decent enough AoE Saber. For ST, Caesar is your best bet at the moment.


Elisabeth and Raikou will serve you well enough for your AoE and ST needs respectively. If you manage to get him to NP5 eventually, FSN Cu and Houzouin Inshun are great for solo combat if you’re into that sort of thing


There are no bad Archers. Every Archer is great in their own way and only look bad if you compare them to the more outstanding Archers. Euryale, Robin Hood, and David are excellent ST Archers that even those of us who have stronger options use regularly. For AoE, Tawara Touta is decent, especially with his Anti-Demonic NP. Kid Gil is pretty decent too. Arash is the best farmer due to his extra-strong NP, which can deal ST levels of damage despite it being AoE.

If you’ve completed Babylonia (or manage to complete it in the near future) the Christmas 2019 rerun this late November/early December brings with it an ST Archer, Santa Altera. As an easy NP5, she’ll hit pretty hard, harder than most NP1 5* ST Archers. Since this is the rerun, it’s also the last chance you have at getting her until we get the “Main Interlude” feature in the future.

If you can’t finish Babylonia by then, don’t worry. Late January/early February brings the Prisma Codes event rerun, which brings welfare Chloe, also an ST Archer and arguably better than Santa Altera in many ways.


Ushiwakamaru is easily the best budget ST Rider there is, matching or even outdamaging an NP1 5* ST Rider (dependent on buffs and the availability of an NP strengthening). For AoE, you have Astolfo, who is decent enough for the role with his NP Charge.


For ST, my picks would be Hundred Personas or Cursed Arm Hassan, though Serenity isn’t a slouch either. AoE Assassins are somewhat rare. You have Assassin Ushi though I’d raise Kotaro all the same for the variety and since his easy access to NP5 makes him hit a bit harder than Ushiwakamaru, not to mention the sheer amount of utility his skillset brings to the fight.


Caster Gil is a great hybrid support/DPS option so definitely raise him up. Hans is a great budget supporter and you’ll want to raise him and get his interludes and strengthenings done to get the most out of him. ST Casters are also pretty rare (all of them being 4* or 5*) but this November we get a ticket for a free non-Limited 4* of our choice. I highly suggest picking who you want, and not for gameplay. Your ST Caster needs can be covered by your Mecha-Eli (provided of course that you have all her ascension mats). Even at NP1 (if you were somehow unable to get her other copies) she’ll do the job of substitute ST Caster well enough.


Kiyohime and Spartacus are strong AoE options, Spartacus especially since he comes with an NP Charging skill, making him great for farming and wave-clearing despite his low rarity status.

For ST you already have Summer JAlter and Herc, both of whom do an excellent job of their roles.

Just remember to bring someone like Mash to support them and help keep them alive via DEF buffs.


Some Servants worth mentioning outside of a direct combat role are Leonidas and Georgios, and even Benkei. These three Servants come with a Taunt ability, making it so all attacks will target them instead of anyone else as long as the Taunt ability is active (1-turn for Benkei, 3 Turns for Georgios, 1 Turn for Leonidas’s skill, and 3 Turns for Leo’s NP). Needless to say this won’t do anything for an AoE NP coming your way, but it’s a great way to divert damage to them rather than letting the enemy kill your squishy Berserkers, or letting someone crucial to your team die because of an ST NP.


Tbf, and so we don’t get a second person calling the game gimmicks ‘cheats’ :roll_eyes: All the game’s gimmicks are pretty easy to overcome. Just takes a bit of planning (and paying attention to what they do) but there’s always a way to beat them. None of them require specific Servants to beat, but specific Servants do make it easier.

As mentioned in my post above, everything in the game can be cleared with the low rarities plus a Friend Support. Though sometimes you can get away with not even using a strong Friend Support Servant if you do things right (plus a bit of RNG luck during the fight)


No, only Camelot and Shimousa (which is “optional”) essentially cheat. Apparently one of the Lostbelts does the same, but it’s not out on NA yet.

The Singularity after Camelot is a walk in the park in comparison.

But as @LeiCiel mentioned, the gimmicks can usually be circumvented as long as you’re playing smart. But, if you don’t know how to get around them, it definitely feels like the game is cheating. I’m saying since I was one of those idiots who played all of Camelot and Shimousa stupidly, and only learned how to take advantage of traits, special attack damage, and so on afterwards.

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wow thank you very much for the detailed information, ill try following them.
for now i’m still F2P but i think i will spend money for the new year guaranteed 5*.
oh if i can finish all the singularity without P2W ill be happy to continue playing the quest instead of only the events haha, thank you for all the info @namtap032892 and @LeiCiel.


You’re welcome.

Also, I highly recommend finishing the story quests. Specifically the Singularities and, later, Part 2, the Lostbelts, because some events will be unplayable unless you clear some specific chapters. Xmas 3 Rerun is locked behind Babylonia completion, as mentioned previously. Xmas 4 is locked behind Lostbelt 1. The current event is locked behind LB2. And the New Year’s event, which starts immediately during the New Year, is locked behind LB3, which will come out early December and will immediately be followed by the Xmas 4 event, so there won’t be much time to catch up.

The Epic of Remnant chapters, which is Part 1.5 are essentially optional and can be cleared in any order and at any time you’re free so it can be left for last.

I recommend spending this next two weeks (since you can’t play Oniland yet) going through the story and raising your Servants by doing the 40AP Ember farming Daily stage.

At the very least, reach and clear Babylonia so you can play the Xmas 3 rerun so you can get the welfare Santa Altera.

Preferably you’ll also clear LB1 for the Xmas 4 event because, next year, there ISN’T an Xmas 4 rerun (or at least JP didn’t get one so it’s safe to assume NA Server won’t get a rerun either). Xmas 4 is a lotto-type event, which is the most lucrative event there is in terms of resources so it’s always good to participate in it as much as possible, not to mention Ruler Quetz is the welfare, an offensive Ruler class Servant.


wew soo many catching up needed huh, ill try using the bronze and silver apples to try finishing them all during the next 2 weeks.

Once again thank you very much for the information, ill try finishing it all ASAP. :smiley:

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actually i considered shimousa to be the hardest cuz u couldnt use supports.

Camelot can be cheesed with the proper supports.

This whole thread combed the desert ctrl-F’d itself for Helenaaaaa and called me because it ain’t found shit.

If you get Helena, level her. Immediately.


Honestly, for at least up to lostbelt 2, BB should suffice. Tested it myself, obviously. You do not need to worry about anything up to that point.

Beyond that, I have no clue what lingers, but Qin Shi Huang Di and Arjuna Alter are great universal dps (because other people brought up the major supports), especially for a free to play that cannot summon as much. Literally cannot go wrong with them and Arjuna specifically covers basically all of your farming needs.

So if you want to roll for game play… voila. Also, if push comes to shove, skip that Underworld event for the lostbelt 1 completion. We get Chloe as a welfare later and she is better than Altera as is. The lottery is going to boost your account and be WAY more ap efficient than the Underworld event.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Oh, and level Jeanne. She will help you so much.