Summon to help ny!selkie or ny!lethe iVs?

selkie is +atk/-res and lethe is +hp/-res

both look like really good units, but the ivs arent much help

im not sure how much the -res is hurting selkie, she might take 1 more point of damage than usual and the loss of dealing damage is sorta helped by +atk

lethe looks like she could become stupid tanky with a good amount of speed, so I feel like she might also be a worthy investment too

do either of them really need better IVs? how much is selkie effected by -res? how much is lethes tanking potential impacted by her IVs? do I need to bother about getting merges at all?

I don’t think there is any point of merging to get rid of flaws 99% of the time unless you are planning to go all the way eventually.

Hp becomes better with dmg reduction skills, although it is far from her best boon. Between these two, I’d say Lethe has the slight edge with base kit, but Selkie has the edge if you are going player phase.

so if lethe is safe enough, is selkie really effected by -res?

A bit, but she is still pretty tough to one shot, and it affects her more if you are using her as an enemy phase, but there are plenty of ways to make up for it if you free up her A slot and go player phase.

Lethe is pretty iv proof.

Pick who you like better, but without further investment I think Lethe is better than Selkie since her base kit is very good.

You always need more selkie