Summon yuri or not

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I am in a dilemma again, the 14 3H sparkable banners are out today featuring yuri, M.byleth and W.sothis.

I am thinking of getting for yuri for SD and AR-O as he is really good in these game modes. However, 3H AHR is also coming and yuri is likely to be the winner, so i am not sure whether i should summon/spark for him if he is going to win AHR, since i do not think i have any units to make use of C.duel infantry 4, aside from maybe B.marianne or sothe. This banner is quite good as there are 2 DC fodder (though now many units have this fodder now) and yuri


Yuri is a beast.
And he is the only one to get C duel Inf 4, perfect for healer and any bow or dagger unit.

I fodder one to Legault, worth it.

I would honestly be surprised if he doesn’t win the current AHR.

But even if we don’t get a free Yuri, he’ll have a rerun on a sparkable banner with 5 free tickets soon.

Also, while he’s a good unit in SD, I haven’t actually used him there in a long time. People either veto him (SDS) or they are prepared to face him.


I would wait

If you only want one Yuri and don’t care about Byleth or Snowthis, the Abyss and Múspell banner is coming back in July anyway. So if Yuri doesn’t win the 3H AHR, you can get him there


Yup, i am aware that he will return in the revival banners but the orb costs of trying to get him now is higher than he is in revival assuming i do not go to spark.
As for W.sothis and M.byleth, more DC is always welcome

Yup, i know he will return in the revival banner but i will most likely not get him from free summons so in the end, i may have to get to spark just to get him. Like what happen to my last copy of B.marianne in her revival banner.

Assuming you have to spark on both banners the revival banner will still be cheaper to do so because of the tickets. But the main reason to wait would be to see if you can get a free copy from AHR. Then you don’t have to summon at all.

The situation seems pretty clear to me so if you still want to summon, just do it. If you go full circles the other two units have pretty decent value.


I will probably wait and hope that there is a mid-term results to see whether he is in the number 1 spot

Which IV is better for him, +Atk or +Spd?

Yuri almost always runs either Lethality or a Blazing special so +Atk all the way

He doesn’t need to worry about Spd DR if Lethality rips it to shreds