Summoner Duels - Actually Sort of Fun?

After an hours-long grinding session fueled by frustration and spite, I’ve finally managed to obtain every Favor Level reward with my Masked Marth:

After dealing with queue times as long as three minutes, I eventually gave up and turned off all restrictions. This meant regular encounters with Saviors, Pathfinders, and Canto users, sometimes all on the same team.

For reference, this is the team I used

Are these units/builds optimal, or even all that good for SD?
No. But these are the best that I have.


These were almost never fair fights. Of the final 20 games I played, I won only 7 of them. I had several rounds in which none of my units could score a single kill, effectively stopping my progress. And in almost every game, I had to watch one of my favorite characters get stomped on by a powercrept unit that was designed to be better than them for no reason at all.

And yet, paradoxically, the unfairness of every fight made even minor victories feel all the more satisfying. When I started rounds expecting to lose completely, taking out even one opponent became a pleasant surprise. Taking down two or three felt like a genuine achievement, and the moments where I managed to wipe out an entire team felt like powercreep was a person that I’d just slapped in the face.

In a weird, roundabout sort of way, Summoner Duels was fun for me. But it was fun for all of the wrong reasons, and every victory I had came at the expense of another human being (who probably wasn’t expecting a Masked Marth or a Cecilia). I really can’t blame anyone who quit before getting even a single character to 2400 Favor Level. And without any more rewards, I don’t think I’ll ever want to go through this grind a second time.



Congrats though.




Plot twist… this is Dragginz alt account


Congrats, you just discovered your masochist side


Congrats on finishing the grind. 7 wins of 20, that’s a very good win rate by my performance.

I do find the mode kind of fun when I’m against someone of around the same (poor) level as myself. When I find myself up against someone actually good at the mode and its a slaughter where I can’t get a single point, then not so much.


It can be fun occasionally, but I know my fun means someone else is NOT having a good time… I like to use units that aren’t really considered meta, my new book 3 team has L!Leif and Sothis and I managed to win every game so far (11 games) But I’m missing some incentive to grind for long since I already have all the rewards, it’s just for those green numbers lol.

Btw, can someone tell me why my L!Leif is getting bonus stats? It’s actually not helping my gameplan since he needs 63 Atk for L!Eliwood strats.

How he looks like normally:

How he looks like in SD:

He gets: +4 Atk / +4 Spd / +3 Def / +2 Res

Can’t think of a reason why because the numbers are so random. Except for pair-up bonus maybe? But that makes no sense.


It’s pair up bonuses but those are only active during his corresponding season. So right now in fire/water he shouldn’t be getting any boosts.


Leif’s a Water legendary. He is in season.


Really? Didn’t know that. A bit odd that SD is one of the few modes that uses pair-up bonuses, since it also doesn’t use the pair-up mechanic. But I can use this to my advantage, I should pair L!Leif with a unit with less attack so I can change his seal.

I guess a lot of players probably don’t know pair-up bonuses is a thing in SD.



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I’d wager to say most don’t, but it makes all the difference. L!Julia during earf season is a goddamn menace since her refine. Lemme show you one build I’ve had to face regularly that, being the draggin user I am, has had far too many problems with.

Now add 4 spec stats to that. Then +6 spec visible. Then the doubler, then the doubler from Leliwood, then tell me HOW I’m supposed to kill that with Corrin and I’ll give you a cookie.

@LadyLuna , if you ever had a stroke and decided to enter into SD… This is how you can beat me.


Well you never have to worry about that because I’ve never pulled Still Water or L-Eliwood. I have basically no viable units for Duels. Julia (and I guess Nanna if I went unrestricted) are probably the only ones who even come close to standing a chance.


@SothisPocus go away, I’m trying to work here.

Naga is my kryptonite… Makes everything a threat to me. But obviously you have nothing to fear in B3 with that group.


…I thought since you were making posts on GP you would probably not be doing SD :feh_maethink: That Julia is scary, she would likely kill my Nagi.


She could, which is why I switched to Tiki since she has the Spd with hardy to prevent a double. Though Tikis Res is low-ish she can take 2 hits from her and dies on the 3rd


Guess who has no Hardy Fighter other than a single A-Fjorm (that I actually use) either :feh_morganagrom:

So yeah, still zero motivation to play Giant Trash Fire: The Mode


@Dragginz We should start a campaign to get more people to play SD book 3 prior. So we don’t have to fight each other all the time and be frenemies :feh_morganagrom: Like you can probably tell by my score that a big portion of my matches were against you. Everytime I start a new match I’m like ‘‘it can’t be Dragginz AGAIN right?’’ and the game is like ‘‘GUESS WHAT?’’


Well, it could be worse… You could be losing to me lol I just wish I could find a comp that counters absolutely everything and lets me use whatever lead I like.

But seeing as how im just trying to rack up 300s with numerous units I think that’s a pipedream.

I mean… I could… But it’d make me use units I don’t want to (BHecc, Lalm, LJulia)


Yeah good fucking luck with that

The majority of my Book III and older units are low/no investment (well, that’s true of most of my roster after Book III as well, to be far)

And the ones that are invested are just going to get creamed by whales like you because they aren’t good builds for Duels

So why bother trying