Summoner Duels R Thread

So the new mode is here. Thankfully the rewards are significantly better than AA. That being said, this gamemode feels pretty grindy, with higher tiers requiring +70 wins. (I know that this will be mitigated by keeping your rank at thresholds) So is it worse or better than you expected?


Can’t even play it because I don’t have the medal

And I can’t find the motivation to play normal Summoner Duels to get the medal

So I’m probably just gonna skip every time


I have the medal, but i have no intention to play this fustercluck of a gamemode.
IS can shove it up their place.

PS: At least they had the decency to use 2 free units as bonus units. This time. I don’t expect them to show the same “kindness” twice. And even then, Ash is the only seriously usable one. OG!Fjorm is more or less deadweight in this meta.
Oh, and don’t get me started on the captain skills. This “season” brought some ridiculously dumb ones (be it for normal or R duels, since it’s the same)


So far I switched up my team a little to be more competitive and so far I have only lost 1 match, because I was dumb and made a dumb mistake, and I am within the top 100 so pretty easy compared to normal. Also I am very much try harding this week since it is infantry flowers and those things are in pretty high demand.


Not playing this mode for the moment either.

Will do as it doesn’t exist. Too stressful


My first though was: The grind is real. And the current map really allows stalemate play if your team has the units, which gets dull.

Overall I like it, because the mode will be very good with a little tweaking. Don’t have one obviously required team leader skill that is only countered by itself, IS. Imagine if Omega Edelgard had a prf skill that read, “Immune to damage from all sources not named Edelgard”, so that Edelgard alts are required in all matches. You’d be mad that skill existed, right? The same should go for team captain skills.

Maybe mix up the maps and rules each time to mix up which units people use. Three bonus units seems low compared to other modes, but we will see. That’s just off the top of my head now, but there are others, I’m sure.

With fixes like that, I think the mode is an interesting different way to play that would often be released as a separate game in other genres. It’s a nice change from playing AI for a competitive player but it’s also less convenient because you can’t pause whenever in the middle of matches or Auto-Battle grind for rewards. If the grind weren’t bad I’d definitely prefer this to AA. I don’t see why feathers and medals need to be restricted enough to not just leave AA up if you want to do it? It would feel weird if regular Arena wasn’t up every week, and this is less weird, but it falls into that kind of category for me.

Anyway, getting the badge isn’t too bad and playing some of the time-limited one for the rewards is probably worth it. The lower-level stuff is definitely doable without a great team, but you will occasionally hit someone that hasn’t done much grinding and should be ranked higher. That can be frustrating, but it’s not that common in my experience until you get further up in rank. You’ll hit common threats like F!Edelgard and Far Saves and B!Eirika, so have a game plan for that. My favorite matches are against people with unorthodox units that still work with smart play.

Good luck to everyone playing it!


I would like to play, but I dont have any meta Units and that you can’t play the Leader skill you want since you’ll most likely lose when you dont have Quick Draw is just stupid
They srsly need to just remove Quick Draw and Earth Rendering and open up the Leader skills to be available across “seasons” since having only practically one singular option to choose from or else you gonna have it worse than the rest is fuckin’ bad


Aight I did my matches :catdance:


I too am stopping after making “Beginner B”

If enough people do not really play the mode it will kill it right?


The only tweak I can see that would make it better is to put it in the same dumpster pit Relay Defense ended up in.


I should have the medal, but I can’t find the mode



It’s in Events, not Coliseum


Oh, I thought it’d be in arena



Yeah I agree. I prefer this to AA but it’s not for everyone. I do think that this will get better with time and might end more enjoyable for those who dislike the meta teams, as those who try hard will naturally end up in higher tiers. Those who are more casual will hopefully be matched up with those at their skill/investment level. I do wish they spiced things up a bit. I genuinely like the concept of this mode, however, I wished they restricted some things. We can’t have more than 1 save unit on a team, so I don’t see why we can’t restrict canto users. Quick Draw needs to remove an action at the end of one’s turn to prevent moving twice in a row. I have hope for this mode as the flaws with it seem fixable (Captain skills, skill restrictions, maps), and not inherent to its structure such as Arena (Maps are bad, legendaries, over-emphasis on bonus units, merges).


After two months I finally did the matchs for the medal and I did 2 battles in this new mode to get some codes, I want that Ethlyn manual and I want it before the new paths come. I did 2 battles and I am done for now.

I can’t say much because I am using Yuri with SS set and he and Ash are broken together, I am part of the problem lol.

I highly doubt it will get better. If anything, it will just become dumber and dumber as powercreep goes on.
They may fix the Captain skills, but I have a creeping suspicion they won’t do anything about Canto.
The Savior restriction was more of a way to make sure the paying players wouldn’t get bored of staring at each other with their roadblock unit plonked on the frontline, comfortably protected by their trusty (+10) B!Hector and A!Fjorm.
Instead they stare at eachother from juuuuuust outside of the other’s range. Great fun.


You have a lot more confidence than I do. The mode will always be shit to me as it removes EP strategies (no baiting) and it panders to powercreep. If we see Yuri and BEirika everywhere is because they are broken on player’s hands, and IS will keep releasing broken units like them to paywall the medals.

AA you can improve over time with merges on your core team. I don’t see how someone can improve over time in SD-R, let alone a F2P player.

  1. Follow the meta.
  2. Hope your foe makes a mistake.
  3. … That’s it