Summoner Duels R Thread

Exactly! I have almost every unit in the game. I could build a pretty toxic team and I will get whatever new toy IS throws at us because I’m a collector. But that’s not something the average player can do, and then there’s the fodder and merges. The whole concept is just dumb.

It also makes me glad arena has BST scoring, or this is how it could have been from the start. Yikes.


It’s just an unfortunate byproduct that the meta usually has the best BST. And I’ve just done 2 real SDR matches…

  1. This map sucks

  2. Real people are cowards

  3. Yuri is on every team so far with pre-charged AoE, hooray

I almost want to bring Nagi with me but it’s completely against my playstyle so I’m just packing Riev to force them to isolate their slowest unit from the team, breaking the comp ever so slightly.


Haven’t tried it.
I’m too scared to touch Summoner Duels and SDR.


I’m not sure I’ll even try it. I could do Yuri + DuoAlfonse + BEirika + Ash + AFjorm. I have the fodder to build them (IP/TP/SS for AoE’s, Harsh Command+ for Riev, and one EPT for AoE Yuri’s), but not the will to do so. I think I’ll do 4 consecutive disconect-double-loses and ruin the experience for everyone that faces me equally. The more people complaining about it, the higher the chances for IS to not give us anoter one in two weeks, like the calendar shows.


I did one favored battle today.
The foe had 4 of my units, only his lead was different.

Fun game.


ARD’s effective roster is narrow.

Arena is even more narrow.

SD is even more narrow than that.

Ash, Eitri, B!Eirika, Yuri, A!Fjorm: at least one will be in every match.


Your first 3 matches ever are against AI, just FYI. DC after that.


Yeah, I’m aware of that.

Only one? That’s kinda generous…


at least one


However, I want to break out of my shell and at least do or try the normal Summoner Duels. I can’t do the special ones, because I have no medals, but let’s fix that.

I’ll create a different topic to ask for team suggestions

I think I found a team that worked :3

I don’t care for regular SD, so I definitely won’t be touching an even sweatier version of it. Also major bruh moment:

(If you close the app it forces a loss on both players)


R stands for Ragequit.
But yeah, this is dumb. If the opponent closes the game, they should lose and you should win, because technically they forfeited - you didn’t


Supa I just posted that :feh_hecstare:

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Sorry about that.
I wanted to point out the funny comment

I do have a tiny bit of hope as they can improve the game mode without changing units themselves. They have been making some quality of life changes Arena, so there’s a slim chance.

LMAO they created a PvP mode without protection against ragequit.
More proof that they don’t test anything before they release it.
cough Yuri cough


Like I said, you have a lot more confidence than I do. The mode is already scheduled to come back in 2 weeks, they will not to anything about it by then as it takes them 3 to 6 months to improve on new modes. By the time something is done, the mode will be long dead (or so I hope).


Say, would Riev and Veld on the same team be redundant?

Been thinking bout trying that out to go full “Annoying Little Shit” mode

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At least right now it is not true because that just happened to me and I got the win.

Also, the mode is even worse than I thought because the limited attempts make every match really intense and so far I’ve met only meta teams :catknife:

kill me now.

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From the comments it seemed kinda inconsistent if it happened or not. So hard to say really.