Summoner Duels R Thread

LL, I would encourage you to do a little… why? In my experience, regular SD first 3 opponents were AI I am almost positive. I did the first two in SDR and I think both of those were also AI. Easy to collect the bottom stuff, if you haven’t yet attempted.

Yes, the first three are indeed AI. Named Kiran and you’ll notice they don’t take any time to make their move.

First 3 in SDR is also AI.

Also everyone be sure to pack someone with hardy bearing seal. Ardent sacrifice Palla is still rampant.

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Or kill her turn 1 with Bector :feh_corrinmug:

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Good call, thanks. I was considering something like that with offense with W Altina, but it takes a good five slots I think, which discounts the bonus. Seriously appreciate the heads up.

So for now, Balm, Ash, L Azura, B Ericka, Ninjorin. Still getting used to Ash playstyle, especially after turn 1.

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I have actually done two of those AI matches

But I had to force myself to do even that

I just… have no motivation to play this mode. I’d so much rather do anything else


I don’t use saves so… Gotta brute force it.

Push or repo ash into the spot diagonal to the closest corner block. Destroy the block with trace units and keep them 2 spaces from that space where the block was. Move ash into that spot. Your trace units can now teleport to the opposite side of the block and trace back to your side after a kill.

Like this:


Oh wow, that’s just amazing. That’s a good answer to cavalry pains. Does Canto ignore cav trenches, do you know? I dig that team setup. May have to swap Balm out even for Reginn.

(I also don’t use saves in the current meta, even for ARO. I’ve got plenty of fodder and prep work set up, and I’m likely to start using A Fjorm to replace F Lyon, but I don’t see myself using saves here any time soon)

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What are these enemy units? I’ve never seen those in SR :feh_confused:


It doesn’t. That’s exactly why Palla/L!Azura and Yuri are everywhere because they have Cav range but aren’t impeded by the trenches

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Free duel so I could just show the point


Winter Lissa! Most adorable to date

But in SD even if you lose you still get some points and I don’t know if instant surrender gives points too.

I think it’s worthwhile to give it a try for the rewards, specially the forma and the grails. They are permanent so I am taking my time and to not feel the burn out, no need to rush it.

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SD insta surrender doesn’t give you any points, but you can still earn at least 2 for just hitting auto battle. So you can get to 1500 favor without effort.

Time, yes, but not effort.


Ooh thanks for the clarification, I didn’t know it. Then it can be like TT, use autobattle and meanwhile watch a movie or something. I may try it in the future if I need more dragon flowers.

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Kinda sorta similar but you have to check in more often. At least this one doesn’t require stamina.

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Wow I didn’t know… so auto loss at least trying is 2 points? Or is this the assumption you get a lucky kill?

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You need to kill/control the area to get points in SD. I don’t know if that’s the same in SD-R.

I hate to just appear out of no where for so long and say something, but I had someone disconnect from me and it was a win.