Summoner Duels R Thread

I wonder how well Windsweep Kronya with L!Eliwood + Upheaval support and a precharged Moonbow will fare in the SDR meta?

I think my killer clown has potential to catch some of them off-guard.

I wish we could use the NFU captain skill. That was actually a good skill and with Windsweep you could counter most Vantage users.


I haven’t played yet, I’m waiting for the Whales to get tired so I can see if my Book III prior team can handle all of this :feh_notlikethis:

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V!Palla with vantage, a brazen seal, and L!Eliwood support is a popular team right now. I have to imagine Palla has more kill power than Kronya, so you can throw some people off, but I’ve been able to power through Palla plenty of times without HB so… It can work. But don’t expect it to be a miracle cure.


Well just had my first match against a real opponent

I was definitely in trouble here. No matter if I moved Marth or left him there, some one was gonna get slapped by B!Eirika

Aaaaaand then they disconnected :feh_areswhat:
Gotta say my duels are already off to a strange start.

My auto-clicker wouldn’t work there (it needs regular timing) , but i’m sure some people are able to bot this. :feh_myrrhthink:

I know nothing about computer, but i’ve seen bots in others games do much more complicated actions.

SDR is one of the worst mode IS made since a long time. And it’s the most meta-chaser mode of all FEH.

PP and 5mvt is basically king here. I tried a little for “fun”, I have a team made of fav without any canto or lastest Op shits baring a B!Hector far save…
But I get my ass handled every match because everyones and their mother got B!Eirika and Yuri that hit you and goes at the other end of the map thanks to broken canto. Can’t even play my favorite unit because they are not meta and are destroyed by almost the same exact team comp .

At least with book 3 and before, baring L! Marth and B!Alm there aren’t untouchable unit thanks to overload of canto.

As fun as RD for me. Can’t play without meta-chasing so that’s a Big No


Dunno why all the hate. IMO Summoner duels is the best mode IS did in a long time, probably ever. The only thing I don’t like is that you need to grind a lot of matches.

I also think they should have kept the “<= Book 3” setting like the regular SD. This can suck for a lot of people (including me) but I guess they would have to make 2 separate rankings.

I think a big reason for the hate is Canto. If that didn’t exist or were limited like Save skills to just one unit, the mode would have a lot more competitive units.


There’s plenty of issue with balance and it’s not limited to Canto tbh.


I mean, it favors player phase units, but Canto is really what sets the best units in the mode apart from the rest. Saves would but they limited it to one unit, so that’s a pretty strong nerf without removing it completely. Like L!Sigurd, Yuri was a mistake, and they both are a pain for this mode, but beyond those guys and Canto, no other skills or effects come to mind as being top-tier.

The captain skills having one obvious one that you have to use is also a problem, but that’s not a unit skill/effect issue.

I don’t disagree but, tbh that is a problem with the game not SD, I think the foundation of the mode is solid.
I actually think the balance in the mode is not too bad (I mean the stuff specific to the mode, not the units you can use). I like the captain skills for example, I don’t see why people would consider them “cancerous” when you can have stuff that disables save skills, the units are cancerous not these skills.

I think the captain skills are fine outside of “Quick Draw” because none of them is really game breaking and they encourage a variety of strategies. The problem is the overabundance of certain units and that the game forces you to go for the brand new shiny toys.

Limiting canto units to 1 per team (that should be including trace skills) would be a fairly easy solution.

Insane warping as provided by Ash is still a problem but because she is free at least everyone has access to this.


It IS a problem specific to SD.
Sure the same busted units that everyone plays and complains about are present in other game modes, but here is the thing: the AI is incredibly dumb and will give you opportunities to exploit (except maybe for F!Edelgard. She does have counters, but she doesn’t have a real vulnerable moment once transformed, unlike Yuri or BEirika).
However, in the player’s hands, those opportunities become much rarer.
The only solution is to create the opportunity, but with the many tools meta units have to prevent you from doing so without endangering your whole team, unless you play those units yourself, you’re gonna have a bad time.
(As a side note, the very concept of PvP in FE effectively makes any EP strategy irrelevant, which is a problem in and of itself)

Tbh, that was a rather predictable outcome. The game has never been balanced around true PvP. AR was already, in some ways, proof of that, despite lacking any direct intervention from the defense player. IS’ history with PvP should have been a sufficient warning for those who asked for it. They never managed to make a decent one.


I’m starting to approach super whale land with my cancer team. I think I’ll wait a bit. The last two matches were +10 units all accross the board. :feh_corrinmug:


Atm it seems like 1000 is the cutoff for people taking it seriously. Same experience here: got to 1000 yesterday without effort, 3 matches today were annoying and actually lost one.

Only 300 people above 1300 glory? Yeah this would be like starting in T39 in AR. Expect the same shit you’d expect there.


I had a draw very early but that didn’t affect my score or attempts fortunately.

The most recent battles I kinda lucked out and turned them around towards the end. People are too reckless with their captains.

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Can we skip ahead to Sunday so I can do 3 more matches without threat of +10 F!Edel’s or AshTria setups plz? Thnx.

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insert also any competent Near Save/Melee Specialist unit


[Charges Bonfire/Ignis with malicious intent]
Even then, that’s not a “vulnerable moment”, that’s a counter, thank you 8D
Yuri and BEirika are not dangerous when not initiating. The only moment F!Edel is not that dangerous is when she’s untransformed (and even then, avoid sending your Fir without thinking, she might get slaughtered)


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