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So I really like Catria (she’s baby) and I’ve got roughly 200 orbs saved up. I didn’t have any specific hero in mind but I’m thinking of trying to +10 her by continuously saving up orbs and summoning every time she’s on a focus banner.

The problem is that I was going to go all out on her debut banner, but I got her in first circle. I was super stoked but now I’m worried that I’ll spend all my saved orbs and never get another copy because of how lucky I was to begin with. I know it probably sounds stupid but I swear that every time I get a 5 star very early on a banner, I don’t see another for a long long time and it makes me feel like I’ve wasted orbs.

Basically, should I spend all my orbs to try and merge up or should I save and try to get close to 400-500 orbs for the next time she appears on a banner?


Orbs are really easy to save up into the hundreds within a couple month span if you don’t let yourself be tempted by other banners. Her next banner likely won’t be for another 3-4 months, and at that point it’ll be a legendary/mythic banner. And those banners are really hard to snipe one unit on.

If you ask me, spend the orbs now for another copy or two -> save for a couple months and do it again.


Pretty sure you have a good chance of getting 1 copy within 200 orbs since the average is like 120 orbs. If you want my personal opinion, I’d go ahead and try to get 1 more copy to fix the bane your original copy has, then save a ton of orbs for when she reappears again


Save up till the near end of the banner and then try it.
After that just save until she shows up again.


if she’s your +10 project - try as hard as you can for a few copies now. Red regular heroes are the hardest to predict on legendary banners (they’ve skipped a lot of good ones, even though she’s got PRIMO fodder) as we don’t have def tactic in the regular pool (and she’s only the 2nd w/spd tactic) that’s one banner out, and we’ve already had “bond” skills (this doesn’t mean it won’t be repeated - it just might not be as soon as you might think).

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I summoned and after 60 orbs I got MarYEETa :^)

Fodder time

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Oh noooooo!!

should I keep going or stop?

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It’s up to you, really. I’d say give yourself a budget of how many orbs your willing to use to get her. Especially if you feel dried up on luck, then perhaps start saving up when the banner is more closer to the end of its run time.


Save all the orbs you can and try the last day of the banner. It last two weeks so you would have a decent amount to try again.