Summoning for B!Chrom

I’ve been saving orbs to merge B!Chrom for a while, and have around 1,350 orbs (also potential 150+ orbs from chain challenges and such).

My main question is when would be best to merge him. I’m very tempted to try merging him as much as I can now as I’ve already eagerly waited for this alt (although it’s the most expensive option).

I’ve also considered just getting the one spark and then wait for the inevitable hero fest banner (a long wait but most efficient, while also giving a bit of wiggle room for summoning for fodder like A!Fjorm).

Another option is to summon enough to spark each unit on the banner and then wait for the hero fest, which gets me a nice bit of fodder.

And my final option would be to simply wait for the hero fest to save as much as I can. The wait would be brutal but it would be efficient.

  • Try to fully merge him now
  • Get all the sparks then wait for hero fest
  • Only spark B!Chrom then wait for hero fest
  • Keep saving and wait for hero fest

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Unless you’re in a massive hurry to use him in Arena or have no other major projects right now, the most cost-efficient method is to spark whoever you want here and then wait. Brave units get multiple spark banners because they’ll get a run on an 8%, one on a Remix, the Hero Fest of course, and the Brave banners have consistently dominated the rerun votes. CYL units are obscenely easy to merge as long as you have a little bit of patience.

(I voted to just spark for Chrom but my actual choice doesn’t really fit any of these since I don’t know how many of the Brave units and their fodder that you really want)


I’d use all the sparks here as you can never pass up a guaranteed sparked copy for a unit you’re trying to merge. If the banner is being very kind, you could keep going but that could mean hundreds upon hundreds of orbs for nothing at all and not worth the risk, in my view.

For info, here’s the odds of getting 7 copies by normal summoning for a +10 with the 4 sparks.


Assuming a worst case scenario of 1 blue to pull per circle, that means your max expenditure for all the sparks, minus free summon and 4 tickets, is 775 orbs which is a 15% chance of getting him done immediately. Realistically, the odds are good he’ll get high merged going to the final spark and you’ll can wait for future sparkable banners to finish him.


I’ll admit I just like the idea of sparking all of them for the sake of a nice selection of fodder, but I know it would be more cost effective to just spark Chrom.

I’ll admit I forgot about the normal banner rerun as I was thinking about the hero fest, so that’s another chance for efficient sparking.


The braves get multiple banners over the year. They’ll return on the legendary banner, potentially the legendary remix banner and maybe even a skill banner. There’s also the twitter voting für banner reruns which CYL6 will most definitely win. Finally there’s the anniversary hero fest with increased rates.
Many of these are sparkable even without the FEH pass so the most cost efficient way should be to spark him now and save the remaining orbs for the multiple upcoming banners and spark one copy on each of them.

Posted this in the wrong thread. Why are there multiple Chrom threads already


You cannot spark Chrom four times though. You can only spark each hero once.


They’re talking about sniping blue until all 4 sparks are attained; checking the chances of pulling 7 Chroms in those pulls

While you can only spark Chrom once, you’re reasonably likely to get a decent number copies of him in the 160 pulls to get all four sparks. But this an option I would only go for if the other three units are very desired, either for their usefulness or their fodder, because there is still a chance you’ll get nothing but off focus pity breaks in all those pulls

Saw a Reddit user mention how they threw 600 Orbs at Bagel on her debut and didn’t get a single copy other than the spark


Ah, I see. Didn’t know that’s how they worked as I’ve never summoned on a brave banner since the first. A poorer situation than I’d assumed then. Assumed all 4 worked like the normal 1.

Given to +10 anyone you’ll need to summon past the spark on multiple banners, may as well do it now when you’re guaranteed something and not risking 300 orbs past the spark then some worthless of focus.


I’ve seen that before but with over 900 orb’s… but with Thorr instead… and with no Spark because they released it like a month after

Yes I know… The Legendary and Mythic banners are complete trash when it comes to rates, but still 900+ orbs for a single copy hurts, but at least I finished Dagr because of it


There will be a hero fest banner with him, and with a better rate.
Also he will be on a legendary/mythic banner with :grey_question: maybe :grey_question: a good color-sharing.

If you only want B!Chrom, spark once, and save others orbs for later.

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