Summoning Heracles?

I downloaded this game well over a month ago but kind of sat on it for awhile. It wasn’t til the last few weeks that I got really into it, and am now on Okeanos, and my master level is 91. Siegfried was the free servant they gave me, and by the time I learned about starting over to try for Heracles I had too much time invested and resources used to want to start over.

I’m pretty sure there’s other means of getting him since I’ve seen some folks in the friends page that have him with an NP level of 4 or 5. I don’t want to just dump Saints quarts or potentially cash just shooting in the dark. Don’t know if he’s someone I’d have to play through the story to some point and do the story summons, or if there’s events or other types of summons I should go for.

Just the other day I did get the berserker Ibaraki-Douji, and have been using her. Got her to level 70, gonna have to wait a long while to get another phoenix feather to do another ascension for her. If I do get Heracles I’ll most likely use him over her. Just wondering others opinions of her and how good she is


Herc only really shines once you get him to bond level 10

Before that he’s just good for general use but he’s not some godly unit, any time you’d need a ST berserker there’s always someone better than him

I got him in my first pull and used him for a good bit but now he only sees use in challenge quests

Ibaraki is good though, she’s tanky and debuff cleanse is a really useful skill

TLDR he’s not anything crazy and isnt worth rerolling or focusing on gameplay wise, but if you really like him I think he’s in the general pool and you can search around for rate ups he has

Nvm apparently no more rate ups


Herc doesn’t get rate ups anymore so you’re dependent on spooks and there are no more SR tickets. So basically give up.

Herc is the kind of servant you’re better off borrowing anyway.


Also any recommendations for assassin’s I should go for? I have the hundred persona one but don’t ever use her. I got her to lvl 50 but if I’m ever in the need for an Assassin I borrow the first Hassan.

I managed to score Gilgamesh in the recent event. My goal is to try getting a really good 4 or 5 star servant for each class. Artoria or Mordred I really want for Saber. I do have a lvl 80 Medusa, her being one of my favorite servants in the shows. Though if I get Iskander I definitely plan on using him instead

There is one answer I want to give to this question. Probably shouldn’t though. If you need an ST Assassin, Kama comes back next year. Ignore that 2nd sentence, I don’t know if the El Melloi event gets a rerun so Cleo next year might actually be a good pick for AOE. Other than that, there are some pretty good alter egos like Douman that can do AOE.


The assassin class in general isn’t particularly strong. They tend to have low attack values, the class has a hidden 0.9 atk multipler further reducing that low value, and kits are often built around active star gen… But more and more superior passive stargen options are available. Doesn’t mean you can’t use them to good effect, but they do have limitations.

Alter egos are good alternatives. The generally higher atk and no class demerit can make up for the fact that they only have a 1.5 bonus against riders as opposed to the full 2.0 bonus assassin do. Plus not as squishy as zerkers.

Jack the Ripper and Kama are notable exceptions of assassins with solid internals and good kits.


Heracles should only be summoned if you really like him (and he might spook you at some point, anyway).

I’m not sure I’ve ever actually used mine.


Hundred Faces Hassan is the best Silver one by far, her biggest downside is reliance on high skill levels.

On the 4 star rarity the best one is no longer available and likely will never be again

On the 5 stars, all of the SSR ones are really good, but King Hassan just had his last rate up for the next 2 years recently so he is unobtainable. Next year we get Kama’s rerun and she is fantastic.


Mo has a rateup next year. If you want a strong ssr in each class, just so you know, we get 2 free ssrs, one next spring, the other in august 2023. That’s 3 down if you luck out on mo. 4 if we count gil.


I’m definitely not liking Siegfried. Aside from against dragons he feels pretty useless. I have him at lvl 50 and I just don’t see him as being worth dumping more resources into.

I do have Artoria lancer and he the alter version of her, got the normal version to level 90. Is the alter version of Artoria lancer stronger? I like her, but she doesn’t seem to pack as mucg of a punch against things that aren’t archers or berserkers as I’d like. I’d definitely love to get Karna. Is he a normal summon or is he an event one?


Artoria lancer og is a better farmer, that’s all she does. Lancer alter is the better pick outside of that, since her np and crit damage is rather good, unlike regular, who hits like a potato

Karna is a general pool servant. Any time you roll, there’s a small chance you’ll pull him. Don’t count on it though. I think he has a rateup with apocrypha rerun, don’t quote me on that


Likely won’t dump Saints quarts in pursuit of an assassin then, since I can just borrow the first Hassan. I’d still like to have a 4 or 5 star of each servant class.

Castor is also one I’d need recommendations on. The only one I have is Medea. I like her in the series, but she’s not a servant I’d want to dump a lot of resources into. I only have her between 50-60 in level. Her NP is at 4 I think since I get dupes of her pretty often

Damaging casters aren’t the big prizes. The support casters are. Skadi returns in November, Merlin comes back next July, Castoria is introduced next august.


You likely haven’t done the Interludes/Rank Up Quests where Siegfried gets most of his power from. He’s generally a solid Saber after his upgrades and he also is very good against dragons.


She may actually have a rate-up next week, too.


Caster dps also have many of the same problems as assassin with lower atk and is another class with a demerit modifier, but I don’t recall if as extreme as assassin. Fortunately casters often have more interesting kits to help make up for it.

I’ve always liked DaVinci, who happens to be on rate up right now. Guts, heal 2 forms of battery, starbomb, and invincibility pierce are all super handy in both face carding and 3t farming. She won’t loop with her 1 hit np, but multiple np’s in a battle is still usually a simple ask.

Helena is great for the wave clear and support double duty. Paracelsus too, but he’s more specialized in looping support and has really potato damage on np without high level of investment (which I’ll still gladly give my boi :fgo_mini_celsus:)

Sanzang and Circe are both great st choices with giant batteries. I personally prefer Circe with her unique stun and debuff cleanse, but she needs to be like np4 to complete with np1 sanzang

When the apocrypha event reruns, sieg is a fabulous arts looping welfare caster

Nitcrotis is a farming queen with instant death that can actually be relied upon* and a 100% battery at level 8. (*proper skill levels, overcharge level, and enemy type requied)


I rerolled from Martha to Hercules + Liz, but I wasn’t nearly as invested as you are. If you’re doing OK with your roster, then I wouldn’t even consider it.

Herc appears on the occasional banner, which is how I got mine to NP3. He worked very hard for me during the early game, but I now have a full roster, so I don’t need him as much. If you get through Camelot and Babylonia without him, you probably won’t need him. For the same SQ that you might spend, Ruler QSH and/or Ruler Jeanne are superior choices for Last Man Standing / soloing.

In terms of what to summon for, I would strongly suggest that you save your SQ and only pull hard on the “hot” banners with meta-relevant Servants, like Space Ishtar or Caster Artoria. The odds of getting a specific Servant on rate-up is pretty bad, so you’ll get random Servants to fill out your roster regardless of when you pull. You might as well pull on meta Servants, and make do with whatever you get.

Berzerker Ibraki-Douji is good, and will gap-fill for you while your roster develops. Start her up front, and let her just smash stuff until she gets replaced by someone else. If you get Herc, he goes at the very end to close things out. You never want 2 Berserkers up at the same time, because then they’re both dying really fast and you’re not maximizing damage.

In terms of Assassins, you can look for Kama and Jack, also Tamamo Vitch and Summer Kama in a couple of years. Otherwise, you would be looking at getting Hundred Personas to 70, and trying for an Alter Ego like Kiara, Summer Kiara, Meltryllis, Okita…

As for Siegfried, I have him at NP, but I much prefer Nero, or any Artoria - they have better universal / attack kits. That said, if you don’t get anyone better, he’ll be a big help when you get to Babylonia.

Good luck!

PS. Make every effort to collect every Welfare Servant. They make a HUGE difference if you’re F2P!


I have done the interlude for Seig this past week. Haven’t noticed much difference in him though. As for the rank up, I wasn’t sure if it’d be worth it to put in all that time and resources. Especially since he only seems to be good against dragons

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They need to update rerolling guide, so no more master wasting their several months of 12 Cost to get Herc to B10 :catflush:

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Siegfried’s buffs are locked behind special quests, they strengthen his 3rd skill and NP by a significant amount.

Against Dragons he beats every SSR ST Saber on NA atm if you have the buffs done.