Summoning just for Eldwater: Worth it?

Last time I summoned was during the Halloween event. Skipped both Stirring Shadows due to meh interest on a showcase with only one nonrepeat on part 1 and general disinterest on Akasha on part 2 (I honestly prefer using Lowen). Meanwhile, I sought skipping the Madcap Misfits showcase as Chelsea rubs me the wrong way personality-wise.

The voucher/wyrmite hoarding had a downside: running out of Eldwater for upgrades. After working on boosting Yue and Sinoa for my Hypnos Omega attempts, I barely have over 2k eldwater. :catcry:

I know this question is rarely asked, but should I summon just for Eldwater? I have plenty of vouchers to go around…


  • Pull anyways!
  • Still skip!

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Nope, just skip it. You’ll get elderwater anyway in any banner, then you should wait to arguably pull searching for any good 5* content instead of eldewater (that you will get anyway).

Pull just for elderwater <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< pull searching any content specific + elderwater

I think that anyone should get priorities fixed on that games:

  1. Save as much as posible to pull in LIMITED CONTENT
  2. Don’t be afraid to use some wyrmite at any good banner (otherwhise you can’t improve at the early) ==> when you get good enought teams everyone would try to avoid the temptations (i suggest you to do it… even if i don’t sometimes :lying_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::nerd_face:)

BTW: keep calm… the reasources are infinite just beeing proactive. That’s basically how gacha works, be patient (specially about anything related to the pulls) :kissing_heart: .

To sum up, if you want to pull for Chelsea or Rena… try it (it’s not efficient but it’s not a waste, + you need some elderwater). BUT, i suggest to not pull outside the limited banners

I wouldn’t mind Rena, but Chelsea is just…NO. Chelsea looked cute at first until I got yandere vibes from the short blurb for her. And I haaaaaaate yanderes with a passion.

Perhaps waiting on the next banner will be best. I heard horror stories of someone wanting a particular rateup and obtaining the other one instead.

It should not be understated that Chelsea is very very good.
Gala is like right after the event, so there is definitely where you’d want to spend wyrmite for higher rarities. It’s unfortunately not going to help you with hypnos though.

Specific banners for those adventurers.
Gala for general splurging.

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You should let that hate aside… her damage output is ridiculously high x’D

  • She’s the yandere of Luka… suffer Luka, suffer :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: !

Powerful or no, I prefer to use units that I like. Luckily, a lot of them that I like are pretty good in strength. I have a very hard time liking yanderes no matter who their target of affection is; they prioritize having senpai notice them over reason. My first exposure to the archetype was Tharja from the Fire Emblem series, and her obsession with the avatar in her game really made me cringe a little.

At least Mym doesn’t let her affections towards the prince get in the way too much.

…I wonder if I should pull for Rena, then…

That is… a rather recent example. I usually hear people complain about older ones.

Rena is also very good and in the master High Mid composition. But if you really really don’t like Chelsea, they do have an equal chance of appearing, so it might not really be worth it for you.
You can’t be sure the next time she’ll get a rate-up, though, so weigh your own options. I have a few adventurers I really don’t like, but they just sit around unleveled. If you don’t even want Chelsea in your Halidom, then don’t roll.

Alright then. Holding on to the vouchers until Gala time.

In my opinion try to pull when it’s limited because:

These guys are permanent you can get them in any banner whereas the limited don’t come often so try when there is limited have heard that there is a gala upcoming so you may want to give it a chance there. My personal wish is for fire emblem to come back and xmas ieyasu come back because both are used a lot(my favorite fire emblem character is marth so i want to summon there not sure if it had any dragon there). Best of luck!