Summoning luck on the latest l! chrom banner

Hello community just wanted to post about some summoning luck and what I personally did with them

What I personally did with these three is since I already have a copy of legendary lyn and Julia I used Julia for mirror impact and gave it to my sothis and then I gave desperation 3 and spd tactic 3 to my Barst and here’s a pic of them.

Oh also the ivs for the three summons were:
l! Chrom +res -spd
l! Julia +atk -res (my other copy was the one I foddered she had +hp)
l! Lyn +def -atk
Also also I know my barst is kinda trash but I gave him brazen atk spd 4 and he needs merges but I’m excited to merge him up


Subcategories where are you my love?

Nice summons but Sothis doesn’t even want mirror impact why did you kill a L!Julia for it

Literally just summoned these two

l! Alm +hp -spd
Gerik +res -spd

Had surprisingly poor luck on this banner myself. Spent around 300 orbs, and was doing almost full summons each time (only color I did not want units from was green). Pull 2 copies of Phina and 1 copy of Duma when I was hoping for Sothis/L!Alm/F!Corrin.

This really speaks to me.

Duma is especially disappointing as I have failed to summon him on every banner he has ever been on until this point-- But as of last month when Lif came out, it no longer mattered… SO, ofc, NOW the game lets me summon him lol.


Ah fldamn sorry took hear that man I’ve had the same experience going for certain banners I remember for the oc summer banner I went all the way to 8% trying to get summer gunthraa so I hope the next banner you get a free summon

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