Summoning w/o feh pass past 40 summons spark?

Has anyone tested if you dont have the feh pass subscription, and go past the 40 summons and then buy the pass, will you still be able to spark let’s say after maybe 80/40 summons on the new spark system? Can you still spark even after going past the 40 summons…?

If this works, then I can hold my spark until later depending on which unit I need…



The notification on FEH pass spark states that it does retroactively count summons on banners if you buy the pass after hitting 40. (transforms the current banner into the spark summon after purchase.)

if you are talking about banners that have multiple sparks, Idk what would happen but what SHOULD happen is that after you spark summon, the spark summon should remain and let you try again if you hit that 80/40 benchmark.


No just Legendary/Mythic banners. So it might be better to buy the pass after summoning many times to choose a unit you want depending on what you get then on the summons?


For Pass Spark banners, yeah.

Though, unless you get REALLY UNLUCKY and have a high pity rate before spark or you want EVERYONE on a banner, most times times it’s just better to go until spark but you do you I guess.

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That’s going to be my plan with both the DSH and the mythic at the end of the month. I have multiple targets on both and my pass is going to expire soon, so I might as well take advantadge of it.

Do we even know who is going to be on the DSH?

Last updated fan made legendary calendar left it out for some reason

Not yet, but I’m missing BShana, SFreyja, SFreyr and SLarcei, and they have a chance to make it.

Here is an image with the ones to that are most likely to show up:


Nice, thanks for sharing. Green looks really good in particular — but I did get Duo Hinoka on a free pull (which never seems to happen to me, so that was a good day!).

Colorless also tempting.

I also like S Frejr for practical reasons as a red tank (I could care less about summer dudes, but I admit he looks pretty cool with that Hawaiian type look to him).

Won’t lie though, low odds of me going to the spark simply because 1) AHR, 2) Duo Cavzura, 3) January Mythic/Legendary (I mean green and colorless are already awesome so far) so I may have to pass on this DSH. I’m also 17/40 in on Duo Dagr which is driving me nuts lol. I figure for the low, low price of 115 orbs I’ll automatically get her lol. BUT, every last orb is needed right now, especially after I dropped 130 to get my last 2 B Hector’s to finish him off.

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I understand. I’m hunting down units for my herodex, so I will pull on the DSH. I wasn’t expecting a DSH this month, but IS is going after my wallet badly. Azura will have to wait, as the DSH will expire first and it will be the last time I can spark for the missing ones.


Lol I remember your herodex, the mightiest of the game. How many are you up to out of the 700+?

(Good luck btw)

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Yes, 734. So close, yet so far away…


Wow! That is mind blowing lol.

Thanks for helping keeping the game alive, btw!

True, but since im going for Mythic merges, I am going in on Red in Feb to finish Reginn and Plumeria. The reason I asked is because I wont have feh pass when the banner arrives so I can keep pulling red until I get +10 Reginn/Plum first. Whichever one I +10 first for example, I will spark the other one after. It allows me to choose later instead of at the 40. So now that you confirmed I can get the feh pass after the 40, I will do this for smarter decision.


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