Sup? Lookin' for a place to stay

Hey everybody, wassup? Hope you’re all doing well, not sure how busy this place is but figured it would be a good place to start.

So a bit about myself, I have been a player since the game’s initial release and have remained so since it began (remember when leveling characters to 80 took actual effort?). My team’s vary between the 21,000 - 26,000 range, with my favorite unit being Marth, potentially replaced by Tobias and Valerio who have both been super fun and powerful blade units. I am f2p beyond a few situations, although I have racked up a pretty good unit library due to just how long I’ve been playing the game. I’m also an avid fan of many things from Dragon Ball to Nintendo games to all sorts of nerd stuff.

Anywho, part of my reason for coming here is I’m looking for an Alliance! Sadly despite for my love for this game, none of my friends really…care? As a result I don’t really have a group to nerd about this with, and the Dragalia Lost Discord is…kiiiiiind of crazy. Thought I’d ask here and stick around for awhile, since the guides seem thoughtful and the editing and detail is pretty good. Regardless I’ll probably stick around, just figured I’d ask.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope to see ya’ll ingame!

Well you’re in the Dragalia section so…
Also, welcome!

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Welcome! It’s not really busy here but there’s a few people that stick around.

If you’re looking for an alliance I’m pretty sure mine or its companion has openings! The two alliances share a discord server and we like to chat there vs the in-game alliance chat. Only rule is that you at least log in once a day. Go more than a few days without logging in without notice that you’ll be gone and you might get kicked out.

Here’s info for the alliance I’m in, but you can also search for The Chocolatiers

Plunder Pals
Alliance ID: 1684 6360

If you’re looking for a more busy place go over to reddit or Discord (maybe some YT Discords might suit you better) , those are much more populated than GP. I come here from time to time but it’s like 1 question per month, so you won’t see your post coming off the top anytime soon.

I feel you man