Super Canas over Super Raigh?

So awhile back, I asked if I should make a Super Raigh. And as of now, a Raigh hasn’t show up yet, and I don’t have many orbs to even try to get him. But then I suddenly remember someone calling Canas “Super Raigh”, so I went and checked out his stats, and lo and behold, one less defense and way more res, with all other stats the same. So easier merges with no IVs or pure meme material, that’s the question.

This is the build they’d be using, courtesy of @Krazytre.

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Well Canas obviously. How could you possibly not consider building him ? :frowning:

but I guess Raigh works the same ?


Objectively Raigh would be far cheaper while being just about as good as Canas.

But if you like Canas (who doesn’t?), feel free to use him.


How dare you people get to Q&A faster than me :rofl:
Canas is objectively better than Raigh because of his higher base stats, however Raigh has access to boons and banes, and has 3-4* availability. Basically the same stuff these people above me said. Just if you prefer Canas as a character, use him. Raigh with a boon in res becomes Canas with 1 more defense and 2 less res, 1 less hp, and 1 less attack, assuming both of them are merged. There isn’t a world of difference.

(I assumed +Res for no particular reason, by the way)


Objectively speaking, Raigh is better. He is way more flexible thanks to having a boon, allowing you to run more sets on him when compared to Canas who has a stagnant stat spread (the same for all Grail units).

It won’t cost you, what, 2700 or so Grails to build him and you can choose to get a defense boon (which is arguably his best boon if I’m being honest, but that depends on the build), a speed boon, etc.

Not to mention the probability of Raigh getting a refine way before Canas does.

However, if you’d rather build Canas, then go ahead.

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Wait, that’s it! The fact Canas CAN’T get boons technically makes him worse than Raigh, since, as you said, he can’t optimize to a playstyle! Therefore, giving Canas a greater insult to injury effect! And that’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for with the build!

If you go hard on increasing speed and attack you should probably just go bladetome at that point

Eh, Bladetomes rely on visible buffs and fall apart heavily at the sight of Panic effects. Then again, they are usually easily avoidable except in Raids and some PvE maps like Xander GHB.

Not only that, but this set utilizes the Bonds + WoM synergy. With how often he’ll be teleporting, he may not always gain visible stat buffs.

Both have their merits. :thinking:

Well, thanks for all your advice guys! Time for the madness to begin!

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Nice. Probably one of my favorite synergies is the Bonds + Mercy combo. I run it on my Brady and it’s really fun.

I hope he treats you well. :+1: