Super Offensive Neph

What do you think?
I dunno about the Seal, though, but this Neph’s a total PP unit (right?).
(Also, Bonfire should be Aether in this build. my bad :catslam:)

once super merged and DF'ed

… Wtf? Atk/Spd Form seal? Since when? :face_with_monocle:

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Yeah lol, it’s a seal in the unit builder for some reason. Perhaps… foreshadowing the future?

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I dunno. Surprised me, too, but the builder had it, soo

We can only dream… ’cause IS is stingy

Atk/Spd Form Sacred Seal huh?

When we still don’t have Speed Tactic and Attack Tactic as seals yet,smh.


feelsbadman :catdespair:


For all I know, atk tactic is guaranteed in the coming tempest trials.

The YouTube guide to the most recent 3H units (the one that showed up on the in-game notifications) recommended atk tactic for Petra’s seal.

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Let’s hope towards it then!

I am… offended.

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