Super Support Robin

I can’t believe I didn’t think to do this sooner. I’ve been running Bowbreaker or Daggerbreaker as Robin’s B Slot in AR for a long time, but this might be arguably better. Chill Res was a whim fodder from a bad IV S-Catria that I was never gonna use since I have Olwen, but another Chill would work well, too.

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That’s a real screenshot! You’d think this was made in the unit builder. She looks great!

Well if your team can already deal with Eir and Bow users like Hinoka and Brave Lyn then it doesn’t matter. So replacing the breaker skills with something supportive might be a good idea. I on the other hand have noticed that my female Robin still helps the team a lot out when baiting especially Hinoka so I prefer to keep Bowbreaker. I also have two fliers on every AR team so that is also why I need a heavy counter against bows.

I’m at a lowish tier and very rarely seen Bownoka – if I do, it’s usually on a flier team which my Summer Takumi makes mincemeat of. But thanks for the suggestion.

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I prefer a more combat based F!Robin myself:

She’s normally buffed with Def and Res Tactic, so she has more than enough bulk to take on blue and colourless meta.

I do not have Null C Disrupt. So I have to make do.

Null C-Disrupt is more of a safety thing. I used to run Chill Atk or Chill Spd.