Superhuman Orion General Discussion

I’m going to assume that the fact we’re in the LB5 pre-release campaign right now means we’re getting a small change from Japan’s schedule and getting Atlantis before Christmas, which I’m perfectly fine with myself (I need that story Grail :fgo_insane:). That means though that we’re skipping the reviews of pyon pyon maid trap and Mary Poppins and going straight to the face so loveable (?) it somehow convinced Artemis to stop being a badass, independent huntress and become a yandere simp.

Rule #1: Don’t piss off the crazy stalker lady

His attack is excellent, his deck is the dreaded BBBQA with an Arts NP, and he’s got a skill that makes him take extra damage from poison (remember that for CQs). But is his chad-ness only in relation to women, or does his kit cement his place among the stars as well?


S1 is a 1-turn, 50% Mana Burst for his Buster cards, and a 1-turn, 50% damage buff for Wild Beast or Demonic enemies. There’s a decent amount of “Wild Beast” including even some servants, and it’s a trait that so far had gone mostly unfilled. Cu Proto is the only other one iirc before CinderLiza just a month ago. Demonic has a lot more competition, but also has a lot more enemies with the trait (still crying over Martha Ruler getting it vs Demons instead). Even without those traits though, Mana Burst skills can hurt, and he can BBB brave chain if you’re lucky.

S2 pairs a decent Guts (3000 HP; 1 time in 3 turns), a small Attack boost (20%, but again his Attack is sky-high so that’s a good amount), and a star bomb (20). He really wants to crit, so having ready access to stars is wonderful. Since you’ll probably be bringing Orion to harder fights where you need big damage numbers, the Guts isn’t as much of a waste as it would be on someone designed seemingly only for farming. Still, the stars are the best part because of the crit damage Orion has elsewhere in his kit.

S3 is a crit-star absorption skill (500%, which for him is more than enough to get those stars even from a Rider). It then gives him an on-hit buff for 3 attacks/3 turns - each attack (when using a Buster card) will increase crit damage by 100% for a turn, activating first. That means if he has a BAQ brave chain, and has the stars, every card in that chain is dealing +100% crit damage. If he gets a BBB brave chain, that’s doing +100% crit damage on the first, +200% on the second, and +300% crit damage on the third. Plus his high attack and his buster buff from his s1, if you’re lucky with timing. Or you could try to break it up over the 3 turns, either with brave chains that don’t have all Busters and doing 3x BQA (use Summer BB for card locking? and passive stars?) or just doing Buster chains using your supports and putting Orion’s card last, he’d still have that 100% crit damage each time.

Skill (and Ascension) Mats:

He needs Proofs (22), Crystals (10), Lanugos (9), and Gallstones (5) for his Ascension mats. For his active skills he needs more Crystals (45) and Proofs (132), as well as Arrowheads (72) and the new LB5 Gold mat, Comet Shards (30).

We’ll get some Proofs in the Christmas shop and IIRC Crystals are a lotto prize. There isn’t any amount of Arrowheads coming up that you could really count on. Lanugos and Gallstones shouldn’t be an issue, but by Valentine’s next year we still won’t have 30 Comets so get farming those :fgo_seibagun:

Mat Farming Locations and (Approximate) AP Cost:

Enemy makeup for that Comet Shard node, you'll be there a lot so get used to seeing it.

Total: 16,631 AP/// 58 Days (Natural AP regen)// 119 Gold Apple Refills.

Verdict: All of his skills are good, and directly tie to him dealing more damage. If you were really strapped for Lores, I’d probably go for his s3 ASAP, then his S1 because it’s a 1-turn skill you want to minimize the downtime as much as possible. The difference in skill values for his S2 is only 2% attack and 2 crit stars from lvls 9 to 10 (well, also some difference in his Guts but that’s not the real draw of the skill).

His NP is self-buffing, along the lines of say Houzin/Qin Liangyu/QSH. It’s also a lot :fgo_chadorion: There are 3 flat effects, no matter the NP level: 1) Ignore Invincible for 3 turns 2) Debuff Immunity for 3 turns 3) 10 stars/turn for 3 turns

Then, depending on level it increases his attack for 30% for 3 turns (scaling to 50% @NP5) and increases his own crit damage by 100% for 3 turns (scaling to 200% @500% overcharge). Clearly this NP gives him ridiculous damage, but it also helps him out on boss fights and CQs as well.

Ignore Invincible is a great way to get around bosses that spam evade skills, and debuff immunity is great for bosses or stage effects that are constantly trying to inflict attack down or something. The crit stars let him crit more often, which is what he really wants to do.

With just an NP1 Orion, no CE, and a Command spell to charge his NP to full, Orion is looking at:

+50% attack, +50% Buster damage, and +200%/300%/400% crit damage for each card (1 turn)


+50% Attack, and 3 turns of +200% crit damage on every card. (Well, he has a passive with some crit damage as well but I just like the easy numbers).


He doesn’t have any buffs yet on JP, outside of maybe better CEs or supports available, but he doesn’t need them lol. He’s capable of insane damage already. Notable people to pair him with are, in no particular order:

Merlin, Summer BB, Waver, Sherlock, Lancer Raikou, Shakespeare, Leonidas, Chiron, Nightingale, Helena, or Chen Gong. In the future we could look at Himiko, Doumon (esp. if you also use Moriarty to make Orion Evil? But that’s a lot of work), or Koyanskaya.

But if you’re not pairing him with a Merlin (star gen, np gen, attack, Buster, crit damage) or Summer BB (card lock, star gen) I’m not sure why. They’re the ones you want to go into battle with here.

Final word

I’m going to quote my review of QSH from last December:

Providing you have a couple of good supports of your own, the best Orion is the one on your friend list you borrow. He does such ridiculous unga bunga numbers, even if broken into a couple of turns instead of all focused on 1 break bar, that he’s a giant meme but also mostly unnecessary for the majority of content. But please, share your favorite YouTube or bilibili video with him just clubbing some poor enemy to death because we all know nothing speaks Archer like running up to the guy you’re fighting and smacking them in the face :roll_eyes:


Fortunately, these are easy to farm

They’re also in the February ticket.


Aren’t these star fragments? :feh_confused:

Anyway, we get ~24 of them from clearing LB5.1, so the remaining 6 won’t be hard to acquire. They’re much easier to farm than eggs, thankfully.

I’m surprised you didn’t make a Sherlock comparison because Orion’s NP is basically a selfish EMD :feh_welp:


I’m someone who is already aware of some of his characterization showing in Atlantis. Combined with some Buster memes and he is an instant want for me.


We don’t know what NA will call them yet.

I’ve seen them as Glowing Star Fragment (GP), Glittering Star Shard (the sheet I use for drop rates), Comet Shards (fandom wiki and the Chaldea app).

I wasn’t aware of that. The FGO event compendium thing only shows 14.


I don’t think the event compendium includes story drops. Only story node clear rewards


I can’t wait to borrow @Gou np5 Chad Orion.


Big titties and big critties. Everything I love in a man.

Seeing him first drop in JP was a shock. At the time, “Orion” was easily my least favorite Servant, embodying nearly every problem I have with Servant designs in this game so it was refreshing to see actual Orion done the justice he deserved from the start. Though I have heard good things about Artemis in Atlantis so maybe I’ll come to regret the one Servant I ever burned pre-NP5


I’m nervous I somehow will end up liking him because I don’t want that summoning temptation :fgo_casgilworry:
I’m supposed to be saving, I have good Archers already, and I’m not usually running Buster crit since Arts is my favorite team.


Part of it for me is also his look. I’m a straight male but I can appreciate a good physique regardless of who it is. This game has plenty of pretty boys and bombshell babes. Superhuman Orion stands out as pure testosterone poisoning, at least in visual design, and I’m all about taking the positives of a stereotype to the limit.


I might be tempted to pick up a copy for collection purposes, but my overall opinion on his gameplay hasn’t really changed.

Small rosters will love him; developed ones can take or leave him.

Even if you don’t try him out on JP, you can get the general idea from videos that, while his damage ceiling is high, he’s both highly geared for CQs and sometimes outclassed by Berserker and true class advantage options with damaging NPs.

RNG can really screw you over with face card specialists, and by the time you give him what he needs to blast through CQ boss special defenses and whatnot by order changing and sacrificing supports until he’s fully buffed and has only his own cards left, you could have finished the quest with someone else.

Powerful and very good at dealing with some gimmicks but not a must-have. Borrowing him is really enough to enjoy some ungabunga.


He is a Buster meme. And memes are power. Pure. Unbridled. POWER!!!


Arjuna Alter is quite the meme right now, and Koyanskaya + Oberon will let sooo many Servants meme it up!


There can never be enough memes.


For anyone who’s curious, a comparison with a super-supported Superhuman Orion and a strong ST class advantage attacker in the same CQ (NP2 on S-Orion, NP5 on Ozy).

It’s an event CQ , and the enemy Servant has just been released on JP, but I’ll put the vids in spoiler tags just in case anyone really doesn’t want to know.


【FGO】Izumo no Okuni Challenge Quest ft Super Orion【Fate/Grand Order】 - YouTube
【FGO】Izumo no Okuni Challenge Quest 3T Clear ft Ozymandias - Gudaguda Close Call【Fate/Grand Order】 - YouTube


Man Oberon has such an awesome design I want him already :fgo_gaooo:


Me, too. I don’t have the mats yet to raise my Oberon on JP, but I’ve banked nearly 5k AP from rushing through the story while the campaign is going! I might actually progress into JP story at this rate and get to make him fancy before we get him on NA.


So what you’re saying is that you’ll NP5 him so we can enjoy some ungabunga, right? :fgo_sthenosmug:


Dangerous territory :eyes:

I would feel bad if I spoiled myself too much on the story :grimacing:


We’ll see if I actually make it that far. I’m only doing it now because dead week; otherwise managing two NA accounts is all I have time for.

On the plus side, I can now speak from personal experience that borrowed AA truly is about all you need for most of the part 1 story. I have native Koyanskaya and Oberon, but they aren’t fully Ascended. I’ve put almost nothing into my roster and have been flying through. Camelot was a total breeze. Just need to borrow Bride or something for Quetz when I get to her in Babylonia IIRC.


I borrowed Kama for the Quetz fight, but I had native Skadi iirc

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