I decided to put this, Cause why not! And It’s not bad for Mario Kart Fanmade! It has Addons, you can make your own rooms, and the items are similiar to Mario Kart! (Please enjoy, if you want)
(Yes, it has online multiplayer and also, you can play it on Android or IOS)


Ohh I remember seeing it but never tried it, however, I’ve played SuperTux, brings back fond memories.

I initially played it on an OLPC XO-1, a student’s laptop I got back in 2007, I don’t have it anymore sadly.

Gonna leave the official site of SuperTuxKart as well, I checked it a little and seems fun:

Both free and also open source which is nice.

Reminds me of The Battle for Wesnoth, it’s an entirely different kind of game but it has a few similarities with Fire Emblem, it’s also a sRPG with free add-ons.
It’s also free and open source.


Guess, you had fun with it! It has changed a lot since 2007!
If ya want and have the need kit, you can Try it and See!


I think I can try it, both SuperTux games have been ported to Android from what I saw, I think I’ll get them one of those days, I need my occasional trip of nostalgia. :feh_legion_miso: