Support Casters pls

Hi I started about 27 days ago on this game and I have some knowledge of it I really need someone who has Merlin/Waver/Tamamo cat/Skadi- for 2 skadi



My Altera is now lvl. 47

Good day!
Personally do not have free spots right now, but you may want to ask and look around here


Thx thx ill try

i sent you a request
i have a waver np2 10/10/10 lv80
my IGN is Nexo

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Thx that will help in my Farming for Altera and her saber pieces, Voids dust and will help in the next Dead heat summer race Rerun after the bunyan event and the next after that which has the welfare servant Jalter(berserker) :smile:

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I sent you a request. I have a Skadi 7/7/10 and I’m leveling a Helena Blavatsky NP2
My IGN is Lucas

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Thx BTW what’s the CE you use on her I prefer something like NP gain or start the battle with specified NP Charge

Up I’m sorry I forgot to reply

always willing to help

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Helena: kaleidoscope. I like to use your NP in the first round.
Skadi: Normally a fragment of 2030 to provide stars.

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Dedicated Saber face collector?

Thx but don’t mind changing the CE of Skadi
The Be Graceful so I can get my mstic code up and running

I have Skadi 10/10/10 if you need one. My Friend Code is in my profile.

The only downside is that I don’t have any of the +X% Bond/QP/MC EXP CEs :fgo_casgilworry: