Support for quick teams?

Since there will be free 4* ticket, i think i might pick a good quick support for my okita

But whose better, Wu Zetian or atalante?

I don’t have either of them, but probably Atalante. Her first skill increases Quick for the entire team for 1 turn. It’s only 1 turn, but at least it’s a Quick boost.

Yan Qing’s support is more for generating crit stars, but other assassins can do similar

(by the way, both are non-limited servants, and there’s a limited 5* caster Quick support expected later this year)

Im sorry, i pick the wrong name…

I mean wu or atalante

And for an f2p, i dont have big expectation for skadi to come to my chaldea

Wu is the best quick support before Skadi’s arrival. Attack and quick buff makes her above other quick buffers.


Uh, between Wu and Atalante really not sure.
Atalante’s skill is only 1 turn, but after strengthening it’s a boost of between 30% and 50%
Wu’s is for 3 turns, but has a lower boost at only 10% to 20%

I guess it depends on burst damage, or sustained damage?



Wu has a charisma stapled to a quick buff, plus a defense down and a bulk skill. Later she also removes buffs.
Atalante’s only support skill is the team quick buff, and that’s a bit awkward. She makes stars, but everyone else should be doing that already too. She’s otherwise a bit hard to use because of her garbage NP gain.

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Atalante doubles as a Skadi looper, albeit with a low damage ceiling.

Wuwu has a strong NP and will have a ridiculous one when she gets her upgrade.

For general use I’d suggest Atalante. Wu has a place, but is less splashable due to her class and her single-target NP. Also, her big ATK steroid is inconsistent, making her a debatable point DPS (again, 4* Assassin here) aside from her excellent NP.

Wu is the best quick support until Skadi, but you’ll want to 10/x/10 her and get her Bond ce.

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Wu is the best support out of the 2 but Atalante is more versatile and can turn into a good farmer in SkaSka sysrem.

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wu is way more useful and if you gonna use atalante better use her to clear a wave or as np looper

Wu it is then

But damn… Those skill up materials will be though