Support for Ukraine

Hi all.

I have Ukrainian Pokéfriend who has been offline for a few days. I’m pleased to say she popped up today with a gift.

I’d like to suggest that we all show a bit of solidarity: rename your buddy “ForUkraine” and change your clothing to a blue top and yellow trousers.


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I am walking a Manectric (check the colors), but would also like to take the moment to note that I saw some pretty paltry solidarity when Syria’s government was slaughtering its people, when a ragtag group of terrorists waltzed right into Kabul and took over Afghanistan, or any time the IDF uses blunt force overkill against Palestinian civilians. Scores of lives have been lost each time for absolutely no reason. These things are not unlike Putin’s aggression towards Ukraine. Yes, I am being “that guy” but I wouldn’t have to if the populace weren’t usually being “those people”. Just think about it.

Best of wishes to Ukraine at this time………
Photo from yesterday :point_down:t2:


Yep, I’ve nothing against that, although I also agree with @orioncrystalice that we do cherry pick our causes sometimes. The laundry list of atrocities perpetrated by the Chinese government, again a laundry list of assorted shithousery in the Middle East (here in the UK we’re particularly happy to sell stuff to various dubious ME countries from military hardware to football clubs) and the list goes on around the world.

But yes, I’ve no end of sympathy for those fighting for and fleeing Ukraine because of some nutcase who thinks it’s still the 1960s.

Again, perhaps the civilised world bears some responsibility for letting it get this far. We were all happy to let Putin rig elections, rewrite the rules, persecute his own people, annex the Crimean peninsula etc and still we played nice with him because it suited us to keep our gas prices low and likely because our banks do lots of business with Russia.

Anyone who supports violence on any scale (and I include the vast swathes of cave-dwelling troglodytes in England who still think it’s 1800 and that subjugating brown people is clever) is a total bellend.

This is why I’m so antisocial and live like a hermit, it’s because the human race, whilst capable of many wonderful things, is also populated by countless individuals who really make me wonder if a self-made apocalypse wouldn’t be totally undeserved.