Support list spring change

So, I was thinking about changing my support list for 2 reason.
1 I have some new servant
2 I wanted to change

But I have few servant I am unsure who should I put.

Here the 2 possibility I have right now.

So, main problem is, I want to fit Atalanta alter in (don’t worry, she is going to be 10/10/10 soon), but if I do that I have to take out the best servant in the game, jaguar warrior. The only reason why I brought eresh to 10/10/10 is so I can put her with her sister Ishtar there.

Also, I am unsure about tamamo and caster gil. There are not many caster gil maxed out. I could also put Merlin, but that’s boring.
What do you say guys?
To who of those 2 list would you give your friendship?

Personally I would be fine with either one. Support list is more of showing off your favourites of each class, at least that’s how I see it. But of course I would expect the Masters to level up their skills whenever possible. Kind of sucks to see them be stuck at the same level for months on end.

…Maybe it’s time to do some cleaning up of my friend list…

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I think my Merlin is getting the boot for a while after Skadi comes. I had planned to have both featured, but two meta support Casters isn’t fun for my trophy support list. Also, Skadi is interchangeable with Waver for most basic farming, assuming that all you really need is 50% charge on a point Servant and maybe a damage increase on W3.

Anastasia will probably stay in the All slot with either Magical Girl, Black Grail (after I max her 3) or the next scope I bomb. Amakusa is living in Extra now since he can.

To your question, Tamamo would get my vote if you don’t want to put up Merlin. Tbh if it came with Chaldea Lunchtime, I’d take anything you wanted to slot there :stuck_out_tongue:

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As a Nero Stan I vote for the first one!

But honestly Tamamo is a great support who deserves more love! And Squirtoria is the best ST archer in the game! AND you get Atalante and Jaguar up there! What more do you need?

There are tons of Eresh and Ishtars too. Not really missing anything.

But really it is up to you!

Whatever you choose, Nero and Best Fox Wife deserve a slot.

I have a similar issue, since two of my favorites are both Sabers (Nero and Musashi). That means my All slot is basically spoken-for, so I can only offer 1 of Waver, Merlin, or Tamamo at any given time. I feel like I have a responsibility to my friends to make available a super-useful support unit like Waver or Merlin, but at the same time, there are tons of Wavers and Merlins, and since I don’t have Lunchtime, mine rarely get used, anyways. So I am sticking with Tammy, for the time being. I figure that I’m better off making her available for the occasional friend trying to run an arts comp, then being just another in the endless sea of Wavers and Merlins.

People only look at 2 classes slots anyways. Caster slot and the berserker slot. Everything else is ignored. Flex who you want on those slots.

Heh… My problem is that I really like Caster Nero… Fortunately, I hate Dick Wizard, so my All spot is dedicated to Waver. :smiley:

@Exa Regardless, I kinda have to admit that the first line up is more to my liking. Nyalter, Archuria, and Tamamo are nice picks. Ishtar’s… a little too much of a headache, much as I like Rin and Eresh…

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