Support lover for Nyna

I support my heroes just because of their history or their relationships.
Aka Neimi-Colm, Laegjarn-Laevatein, Kana-Corrin are some examples.

The problem is that I don’t know who to choose for Nyna since there are a few options and I only know her background superficially, I did not fully played her game… Sirius, Camus or F!Hardin?
I dont have Cavalry Hardin but i guess he would be a good option for her too.

So, who deserves her love?

  • Camus
  • Sirius
  • F!Hardin
  • Other?

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PD: I supported Zeke with Tatiana

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I think cavalry Hardin would be a better choice, despite them not being married.
Fallen Hardin is too focused on conquering the land, he would be the worst option.
Camus’ feelings for Nyna are mutual, but if any conflict between their nations arrives, he would not hesitate to fight for Grust and therefore can’t be together.
Sirius seems to be the type who wants to run away from his past and do not want to engage with people who were once very important for him. Not sure if he’s worse than the others, though.

To me, it’s Sirius = Hardin > Camus > Fallen Hardin

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Sirius would make the most sense lore wise (so I voted for him) but Camus would also make a lot of sense and be a really nice “what if” sorta deal.